"Some coughed audibly": Trump is internet hosting one other super-spreader occasion on the best way out

CNN reports that the outgoing president did exactly what we would expect him to do at a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ that was meant to talk about himself. How he really won the presidential election (he lost). How is it alla shame ”(the election was certain, said one of his own candidates). How he earned another four years (he didn't deserve it, he didn't even deserve the four he got), and maybe he'll try again in four years (oh god, please no). Then comes the kicker.

"The president addressed guests from the grand staircase of the White House," the report continued. "Although several people were wearing masks, many weren't and some coughed audibly."

Audible. To cough. I mean that the White House is creating another superspreader event shouldn't come as a shock, but forgive me if I am still convinced that the White House is creating another superspreader event. On Christmas day!

Mark Sumner of the daily Kos wrote last October that after the White House's most notorious superspreader event to date Amy Coney Barrett was officially introduced as a candidate for the Supreme Court at the Rose Garden ceremony. At least 11 tested positive. “Although some guests – especially those who sat near the back of the matter – opted to wear masks, most of the front and center were mask-free. "

Many – like the White House Christmas event this week. And while those who also chose to go to a White House event during a pandemic should also know better, worst for that administration is still that it was just held. It really doesn't matter here either. It does not matter. Which leaves you wondering why it bothered to hold it up in the first place when outgoing first lady Melania Trump has already expressed such reluctance to go on vacation.

"I say I work for Christmas and plan for Christmas and they said," Oh, what about the kids that you separated? "She said on audio recordings earlier this year." Give me a fucking break. "Give us all a fucking break and be leaving soon. And please wear your mask.

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