Trump Makes Election Fraud Infomercials When American Dies From COVID Each 30 Seconds

The pandemic is worse than ever – with no signs that it will soon be easing – and Donald Trump is working hard to create commercials to try to sell his conspiracy theories about electoral fraud to the American people.

MSNBC's Joy Reid Thursday called out the presidential leadership's nonexistent leadership, saying Trump refused to show an ounce of leadership when America needs it most.

"Right now, an American dies from COVID every 30 seconds," Reid said. "That means we'll lose another 120 Americans to the virus by the end of this show."

"Donald Trump didn't say a word about one of those lost souls," she added. "Instead, Trump published a 46-minute advertisement yesterday in the White House about his election conspiracy fantasies."


Joy Reid calls out Trump's "nonexistent" leadership as the pandemic spins out of control across the country. #ReidOut

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 4, 2020

Reid said:

The U.S. has now exceeded 14 million cases after reporting more than 200,000 new cases in a single day for the first time. And 2,777 Americans died from the virus in a single day. Right now, one American dies from COVID every 30 seconds. That means we'll lose another 120 Americans to the virus by the end of this show. But Donald Trump didn't say a word, not about one of those lost souls. Not a word of encouragement for the more than 100,000 hospitalized nationally. Or the exhausted health care workers who risk their own lives and take care of them. Instead, Trump released a 46-minute commercial yesterday that he made in the White House about his election conspiracy fantasies. And today he pushed a lot of people into the Oval Office to give the Medal of Freedom to a football coach who is one of his biggest fans. Trump's leadership is so non-existent that it was even mentioned – if not by name – at today's UN COVID summit on the international stage.

Trump will be gone in seven weeks

The good news is that Donald Trump will only be president for 48 days. On January 20, 2021, in just under seven weeks, Joe Biden will take office and be able to implement the COVID plan, which he largely developed over the past year.

If Biden takes over, he will also be Dr. Anthony Fauci – a man who basically went broke from Trump – ready to help him eradicate the COVID disaster the outgoing president is leaving behind.

The tragedy is that some Americans don't have seven weeks to wait for a new president to take this virus seriously. You may not even have seven minutes.

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