Democrats wished a seat in Little Rock Home, however in the long run the Republicans simply gained

Trump's worst performance came again in the 2nd District in the central part of the state, but his 53-44 win here wasn't much different from his 52-44 performance in 2016. The National Democrats targeted Republican MP French Hill Little Rock seat, but Hill defended Democratic State Senator Joyce Elliott 55-45. In the other three congressional districts, Trump received more than 60% of the vote.

Arkansas last elected a Democratic Congressman in 2010, when veteran Rep. Mike Ross prevailed against weak opposition in the 4th District. Democrats, who then controlled the government, made a half-hearted attempt to protect Ross in the subsequent round of redistribution, but Republicans easily switched his seat in southern Arkansas after Ross decided to retire instead.

The Republicans have since had a 4-0 majority under that Democratically drawn map, and since the GOP will control the redistribution for the first time next year, it is very likely that it will keep the entire delegation for a long time to come.

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