The Georgia voter registration deadline has handed and management of the U.S. Senate is on stability

Tom Lopach, chairman of the board of directors of the Voter Participation Center, told Daily Kos on Wednesday that his organization could register 110,742 people for the general election and that "a difference has been made … we will be working because of more email and digital reach the drains "he said." We're also doing more media interviews to raise awareness of the January 5th drains. "

Lopach hopes that by partnering with the Georgia NAACP, an organization with a trusted name in Georgia and beyond, he can get more people to respond to mailings. "Too much is at stake for anyone to sit on the sidelines and we are confident that we can once again contribute to empowering the people of Georgia to elect our nation's leaders, ”Lopach said in a press release.

Rev. James Woodall, president of the NAACP state, has been a strong supporter of black voters and encouraged them to vote on social media. In a tweet on Nov. 30, he said, "According to @GaSecofState, 940,000 postal ballots have been requested for the runoff, but only 1,040 ballots have been completed and returned."


According to @GaSecofState, 940,000 postal ballot papers were requested for the runoff elections, but only 1,040 ballot papers were filled out and returned. To get your voting paper faster, put it in a ballot box near you! Check here: #gapol

– Georgia NAACP (@Georgia_NAACP) November 30, 2020

Woodall, an associate minister Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Marietta says that part of the urgency in voting is to correct mistakes that Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler turned a blind eye to. A clear example is their refusal to publicly condemn President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. Gabriel Sterling, manager for the implementation of the voting system at the Georgian Foreign Minister, warned of the potentially dangerous effects of the president's false claims in viral videos. "Someone gets shot. Someone gets killed … and it's not right. That's not right. Like I said, we're doing our best to keep it together," Sterling said.

Woodall gave it a direct example of what communities across Georgia have had to fight for far too long … These acts of violence and terrorism have gone unchecked for years as black and brown communities shouted for help from state and national officials in Georgia, " He tweeted. "Senators @KLoeffler and @Perduesenate's continued endorsement of these unfounded allegations of electoral uncertainty and violent attacks on election workers and officials is evidence of precisely that truth," added Woodall.


This is a direct example of what communities across Georgia have struggled against for far too long. These acts of violence and terrorism have been uncontrolled for years as the black and brown communities shouted for help from state and national officials in Georgia. #GaPol

– Rev. James Woodall (@iMajorWish) December 2, 2020

For him, this election is about protecting the residents of the state. "Georgians are at risk of losing more rural hospitals as voters are increasingly disenfranchised at alarming rates, ”he said in a statement emailed to Daily Kos on Monday. “The environment and drinking water are still polluted while our economy continues to work only for billionaires.

"This election is an opportunity to choose between a boring status quo that practically cares for no one, and a brighter future that finds compassion for as many people as possible and seeks to protect and serve them."

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