Michigan, Wisconsin, and PA AGs destroy the Texas lawsuit to overturn the election

The Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania attorneys general issued a joint statement blowing up the Texas lawsuit to overthrow the election.

Here is the statement from the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan:

@MIAttyGen @dananessel, @JoshShapiroPA of Pennsylvania, and @JoshKaulWI of Wisconsin today issued a joint statement on Texas efforts to discredit the 2020 election results in federal court.

– Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (@MIAttyGen) December 8, 2020

The attorneys general were right. The Texas lawsuit, which has been joined by several other red states, is insignificant in terms of election results. The Supreme Court is not going to turn certified results upside down in four states. This is the same court that would not rule on changes to the inbox voting deadlines.

On Tuesday, they wouldn't even hear a case attempting to reverse the results in Pennsylvania. The issues raised in the Texas lawsuit have been repeatedly challenged. There is nothing new that would require Supreme Court action.

The red states use the court system to mislead people about the election results. It is time for this to stop. The Supreme Court must do more than dismiss the case in one sentence. You must also condemn the dangerous abuse of justice to spread misinformation.

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