"Republicans in Disarray" doesn't even come near conquering the pandemic that’s rocking the GOP

In Pennsylvania, for example, Trump state lawmakers told him he wanted to support his fascist coup attempt, initially that they were not empowered to reverse the election results in their state. But after being called "liars" and "traitors" but Trump's henchmen, they turned and pointed a finger elsewhere. 64 GOP lawmakers signed a letter calling on their congressional delegation to reject the state's electoral college vote, according to The New York Times.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward is not a signatory to the letter and told the Times that she was not shown the statement before it was published. But she was very clear about the pressure on GOP lawmakers in Keystone State.

"If I told you," I don't want to, "she said of signing the letter," I would have my house bombed tonight. "

Efforts, more about optics than results, appear to be doomed to failure. The following should happen:

In order for an election ruling to be challenged, a Member of the House and a Senator must be approved when Congress meets in joint session on January 6th to pass the votes. Both chambers would then meet separately to debate and vote on the objection. The democratically run house would almost certainly reject any challenge.

But a Democratic member of the House from Pennsylvania is sure to be curious to see what his fellow GOPs will do with the request. "What will be really interesting is to see which Republican members have the courage to ignore this request from the Pennsylvania General Assembly," Rep. Matt Cartwright told the Times.

The only Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey not standing for re-election, is also one of the most vocal critics of the GOP caucus for Trump's efforts to disenfranchise the will of the people. "It is completely unacceptable and will not work. The president should give up trying to get lawmakers to reject the results of the elections in their respective states," Toomey told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday.

But in total, fewer than 30 Republican Congressmen had the guts to come out and acknowledge that Biden won. And in a show of sheer cowardice on Tuesday, three GOP members of a joint opening committee of Congress voted against recognizing Biden as the rightful elected president.

What is happening in Pennsylvania offers a glimpse into the tension Republicans will face for the foreseeable future. State lawmakers considering a 2022 bid to replace Toomey are rushing to outdo each other to gain favor with Republican voters. One such GOP state senator, Doug Mastriano, staged the hearing in Gettysburg last month at which Rudy Giuliani brought on a spate of unsubstantiated conspiracies while apparently also willingly spread the virus to those around him. Trump's legal adviser Jenna Ellis later tested positive for the coronavirus. It is unclear exactly where Mastriano contracted the virus but tested positive while attending a White House strategy meeting to overturn the election just hours after Giuliani's campaign Rant Gettysburg conspiracy.

But Trump – who can't buy a victory in court – has convinced a ridiculously large group of Republican voters that something fraudulent has happened. A poll by NPR / PBS / Marist released Wednesday found that nearly three-quarters of Republicans don't trust the election results, while 61% of voters overall do. This has helped Trump win Republican Party leaderships while putting pressure on GOP lawmakers at both state and congressional levels in a handful of swing states that Trump lost.

Targeting Trump's Fantasy Land has upset the entire party, turning state party leaders and congressional lawmakers against Republican leadership teams in states like Georgia, while state lawmakers target their own congressional delegations in states like Pennsylvania.

That tension will continue as some GOP lawmakers use their allegiance to Trump as a stepping stone as Congressional Republicans, especially in the upper chamber, seek to position themselves as sensible enough in moderate peppy states to protect their majority.

All because a man – a man's irritable loser – cannot handle the truth.

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