Republicans are nonetheless keen to affix the listing of traitors because the Supreme Courtroom might act at any time

Republicans are now so in love with this seditious act that another score has rushed to put their names on the list in the house. They really believe that they can take these measures without consequence. For the nation's sake, they'd better be wrong.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this ridiculous moment is that among the 126 members of the Republican House who have signed a document they know is not only incorrect in content, but malicious in intent, 19 are from states that do are the subject of the lawsuit.

Georgia officials like Doug Collins and Barry Loudermilk therefore argue that their own elections were fraudulent. Except, of course, that they don't make that argument. They don't make arguments. They just hope to get Street Cred by adding their signatures to a list of people who support Trump, not America.

In the meantime, Texas has actually submitted its order in this case. This means that the Supreme Court can make a decision at any time. A decision is expected to be made no later than Monday.

That decision could come sooner if the court decides to take the easiest route and simply refuses to take the case. But as SCOTUSblog states in its first editorial, this case deserves more than that. It deserves to be "decimated".

At a time that is so polarized, I can't think of any person, group, or institution other than the Supreme Court that could be better for the country right now. Proponents of the president, who have come to believe that there was a conspiracy between multiple states to steal the elections, acknowledge that the court is not a liberal institution. If the court is telling the truth, the country will listen.

That even the court can get Trump supporters to listen is controversial. That this suit deserves to be crushed loudly and thoroughly is not.

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