Thursday Night time Owls: Haaland supporters for Sec. of Inside was aggravated that she was referred to as "unqualified".

The New Mexico Democrat was elected to the US House in 2018 and has served as Vice Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee and Chair of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Areas supervised hearings for the installation of an emission-free infrastructure in the national park system; the damage caused by the removal of the National Forest's roadless defenses; and Home Office resource studies on public spaces.

As co-founder, Bill McKibben wrote in the The guard Haaland also introduced the 30 by 30 law on Thursday, which "sets a national target to preserve at least 30% of the land and 30% of the ocean in the United States by 2030".

"The appointment of Rep. Haaland would be more than historic, it would mark a new path for tribal and indigenous communities in the United States in relation to the history and priorities of our government," said Bridgett Todd, director of communications, UltraViolet. "Your perspective would help the United States cut the carbon emissions we contribute to the global climate crisis and curb our dependence on fossil fuels … Your championship in public land conservation is an example of many of your relentless conservation efforts and conservation of America's national parks, forests, and natural resources. "

If Haaland were appointed head of the Ministry of Interior, which oversees the Indian Affairs and Education Bureau, he would be the first indigenous leader to serve in that role. Over the past month, more than 120 interest groups and indigenous tribal leaders have expressed their support for Haaland's nomination.

"The Bureau of Indian Affairs is still having a significant impact on the 574 recognized Native American tribes and in establishing policies that affect all enrolled tribal members, including the Indian health service." wrote the supporters, including the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Gwich & # 39; in Steering Committee and the Water Protector Legal Collective. "In addition, the Department of the Interior is responsible for defending tribal sovereignty and ensuring that the United States' legal reliance on Indian nations is maintained and that Indian land inspections are carried out responsibly. Rep. Haaland has an in-depth knowledge of all of this."

McKibben wrote that having an Indigenous person at the helm of the Home Office would be "a remarkable turn in American history", especially after the last four years of President Donald Trump's repeated attacks on public areas, including the US shrinkage of two national monuments to enable fossil fuel extraction.

"A gesture can't fix much of the damage that has been done, but it can serve as a constant reminder of the debt that remains to be paid," wrote McKibben. "There has never been a Native American cabinet member. Unfortunately, for most of our history, it would have been a fancy idea; now it feels absolutely necessary."

Despite Haaland's history of the struggle to maintain the land overseen by the Home Office, according to the HuffPost aide, Biden, said this week that the Congresswoman was "unqualified" and pushed for the possible nomination of Michael Connor, who is a member of the Taos Pueblo tribe and serving as assistant secretary of the interior in the Obama administration, before joining moved to the international law firm WilmerHale. Leaders from Connor's own tribe are among the indigenous leaders who support Haaland's nomination.


How Diversity Is Armed: The Biden team smears Deb Haaland, finds its own native candidate, a WilmerHale corporate attorney, and uses identity to vaccinate him from criticism.

– David Dayen (@ddayen) December 8, 2020


Enough is enough of the sexist whispering campaign by anonymous "Biden advisors" who question Haaland's qualifications. She is offensive. She is the most qualified and endorsed by 150 tribes. Local women and women of color must have Deb's back. #DebForInterior https: //

– Crystal EchoHawk (@CrystalEchoHawk) December 8, 2020

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"In my letter I ask:" What is real? "Because we are ceaselessly bombarded with pseudo-realities made by very sophisticated people using sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I suspect their power. You have a lot of it.
~~Philip K. Dick, "How to build a universe that won't fall apart two days later" (1978)


Do you remember the time 4 years ago when we could see the news and it didn't ALWAYS start with "BREAKING NEWS"?

Sigh … I can't wait to see those days again.

– Miss Aja (@ brat2381) December 11, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2019– The House's newest potential Republican: Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson::

Since the Republican Party is only gawdawful at this point, just absolutely childishly gawdawawful, it stands to reason that the pressure to recruit ever more terrible people to fill the party ranks would increase accordingly. Non-insane House Republicans continue to pull back instead of trying to push back foaming surrogates, always sending the whole party to the right and efficiently purifying anyone with dignity, conscience, or a basic understanding of reality.

So it stands to reason that Ashamed White House Doctor Ronny Jackson would throw his hat in the ring to replace retired Mac Thornberry MP in the 13th district of Texas. Trump was so impressed with Jackson's bedside behavior that he made him head of the Department of Veterans Affairs last year. That nomination became one of the many unverifiable White House train wrecks when it was discovered almost immediately that Jackson had an alleged drunkenness at work and a reputation for dispensing pills, shall we say. rich to White House employees who allegedly earned him the nickname "Candyman". Counteradministrator Ronny Jackson would soon withdraw his nomination and eventually disfavor his White House post amid an ongoing US military investigation into allegations against him. This investigation, indeed stays open.

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