Border officers admit they illegally deported dozens of youngsters after the court docket banned them

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan of the US District Court for the District of Columbia last month prevented the Trump administration from quickly throwing children from the United States out of the United States for politically motivated reasons – without hearing the immigration court and in violation of anti-trafficking law Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Commissioned under pressure from Stephen Miller and Mike Pence.

But as CBS News reports, Rodney Scott, Chief of Border Police, and William Ferrara, Head of the Office of Field Operations, admitted in court documents that, under Sullivan's orders, their agents illegally evicted 34 children from the United States, with Ferrara's agents kicking children as young as 12 years old Ferrara, a US citizen who was ultimately allowed to enter the country after being deported said in his statement, "the report said.

Some of the officials' arguments for the illegal evictions seemed to suggest that maybe the children were to blame? CBS News reports that Ferrara claimed that children "made the wrong turn and had no intention of entering the US" while others "failed to establish identity and alienation". On the other hand, Scott alleged ignorance, saying, "Some supervisors and agents are unaware of the instructions issued by headquarters," the report continued. I mean, a lot of us knew about the court ruling back then, but okay.

"Both CBP leaders said they had taken corrective action to address the expulsions, including revising guidelines and introducing additional prudential reviews when agents arrest immigrant minors," the report continued. "Scott said that 'formal discipline' is being considered for some supervisors." What officials apparently failed to mention was the return of the children they illegally expelled, including a separate group of children who were expelled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just minutes after Sullivan gave his orders last month .

BuzzFeed News reported back then The ICE also claimed that the agents were unaware of the verdict passed shortly before the flight to Guatemala took off. It should have stopped the evictions of these 32 children immediately (BuzzFeed News originally reported on 33). The flight took off anyway. These children were not brought back either. But they should all be – and we need full and meaningful accountability at ICE and CBP.

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