South Dakota’s John Thune turns into the best ranked GOP Senator to substantiate Biden’s victory

When Joe Biden was named the election winner by the big news outlets, some Republicans were ready to publicly congratulate him. Most of these senators have had problems with Trump like Ben Sasse from Nebraska and Mitt Romney from Utah.

When asked about Biden's victory by reporters, most of the other GOP senators turned it down. Trump has the ability to question the results and that process is still ongoing.

However, on Monday the electoral college voted to confirm Biden as the winner. And this is viewed by many as a nail in the coffin for any future hope of Trump to question the election.

Some predicted the affirmation would allow more Republican lawmakers to come out and accept Biden's victory. John Thune from South Dakota took this opportunity to speak to Manu Raju.

As a Senate whip, Thune is the second largest member of the Senate. Thune told the CNN reporter that Biden became president-elect once he passed the 270-vote threshold.

Senate majority whip John Thune said Joe Biden would be president-elect once he passed 270 votes, and said efforts to challenge the results in Congress were "going nowhere". He said, "It is time for everyone to move on" after today.

– Manu Raju (@mkraju) December 14, 2020

The South Dakota Senator continued, "After today, it is time for everyone to move on."

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. There was a big break in the White House today when Bill Barr announced that he would be stepping down soon.

Trump is expected to go to his Mar-a-Lago residence over the Christmas break. There are some expectations that he will not return to Washington until Joe Biden's inauguration.

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