Whereas the electoral school confirms Biden's victory, Republicans are nonetheless working to assist Trump's fantasies

The New York Times notes that some Republicans "cautiously" accepted the result of the electoral college vote. That recognition came in the form of statements like Lindsey Graham's, stating that Trump now has "a very, very narrow path" to keeping his feet on the Resolute Desk. And that's about it. The list of Republicans who have stood up to make a final statement, "College voted, Joe Biden is 46th president," seems to be about as long as those willing to admit their tax cut for billionaires will never come close to paying for themselves.

Instead, as reported by Buzzfeed News, there is a whole list of Republicans who, like Graham, were willing to admit that it became difficult for Trump what to do with setting a 1-59 record in court and finally denied it in each become efforts to corrupt government officials and lawmakers. Asked if they were ready to declare Joe Biden the election winner, Sen. John Barrasso called it a "gotcha question". Senator Thom Tillis confirmed the vote "pending lawsuits that could change it". Senator Kevin Cramer debated whether there is such a thing as an "elected president". And Senator Chuck Grassley simply said he doesn't have to acknowledge anything. Except for pidgins.

It wasn't just Congressional Republicans trying Monday to find a new way to steer reality. The problem also confronted Trump-flavored media companies, faced with the difficult decision of determining how much reality to include in their programming.

As reported by the Washington Post, OANN and Newsmax did not work with other networks to provide regular updates on the progress of the voting in the electoral college. Instead, OANN spent four hours live feed of a hearing in the Arizona legislature where Republicans were discussing voting procedures. They kept their discussion of the electoral college limited to mentioning the electoral college. Newsmax confessed that there was such a thing, but only to talk about "alternative voters". At the same time as other networks were saying Biden had crossed 270 to secure the win, Newsmax claimed the whole thing is "several weeks here for this thing to play."

Perhaps Trump supporters shouldn't talk about pulling out of the US. They seem to be well on their way to a schism with reality.

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