McConnell reveals who is basically “hammered” by coronavirus: two rich GOP senators

During a phone call with GOP senators, McConnell told the caucus that their colleagues Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both of whom are facing runoff elections next month, are being “hammered” over the issue of direct payments for individuals and families, according to CNN’s Manu Raju. Apparently, the optics of two of the richest and most corrupt U.S. Senators who failed to look for people actually hit by the pandemic weren’t particularly good for Loeffler and Perdue – especially when their leader’s so-called red line is the giant immunizes companies from financial difficulties.

And so, seven months after House Democrats passed the $ 3 trillion HEROES Act stimulus package, the red-hot self-interest inspiration spurred McConnell to action. Because of that, a congressional deal is now on the table, and the issue of direct payments to help Americans survive the darkest months of the pandemic is suddenly back on the agenda. Democrats, who had been campaigning for another round of such payments for months, had been forced to remove them from the talks because the same Republicans who gave trillions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to corporations in 2017 couldn’t bring themselves to do so even desperate Americans do the pandemic.

But that has now changed. Nothing beats the prospect of personal gain in order to focus the conservative mind. McConnell fucking wants his majority, and those two Georgia Senate seats were worth a pretty penny, and a few more for Perdue and Loeffler.

And while the Democrats are now doing their best to capitalize on the sudden change in the GOP’s stingy heart, the entire episode is a window into the next few years of deadlock if McConnell manages to hold onto his precious majority, like Greg Sargent of the Washington Post stressed. Because without the imminent threat of an upcoming election to remind elected officials that elected officials should actually address the needs of their constituents in a representative democracy, McConnell will immediately revert to his usual attitude, for which he will not lift a finger for all but those in the GOP elite donor class.

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