’43 instances’: Anjanette Younger instructed Chicago police they have been within the fallacious dwelling when she was standing bare

Sigcho-Lopez called Young’s video “unacceptable” in a conversation about ethics at the meeting. “I think it’s urgent,” he said, calling on the mayor to hold a public safety and health committee hearing on the matter. He asked why the health department was trying to sue Young for trying to get the incident public.

“You don’t know the facts,” replied Lightfoot, “but that doesn’t stop you from making wildly inaccurate comments. We’ll be addressing this issue as a whole after the city council meeting, but I would love to hear you and others interested in it, as everyone should, because the images depicted in this video were disturbing. No question.

“But I would ask you to actually find out the facts, sir.”

Lightfoot ultimately kept her promise to discuss the matter further. She apologized for the video during a press conference Wednesday, saying she was “blind” to the incident and was only made aware of it on Tuesday. “I was horrified as a person, as a black woman, and as a parent,” she said. Yes, I’m mayor, but without that reality, I could easily have been Ms. Young. “

Activist Ja’Mal Green was apparently not buying Lightfoot’s claim, telling WTTW that the mayor had already broken her election promise to “bring the light in”. “Here we are still in the dark,” he said. “It is time for changes. It is time for transparency. It is time for the mayor to be held accountable for what the administration has done. “


“I was shocked. I tell people that I was afraid of compliance. I was afraid to move because at that moment I thought if I did something unusual, they would shoot me,” Anjanette Young says of that Victim of a false house attack by the Chicago

– MSNBC (@MSNBC) December 17, 2020

Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton said in a tweet about the incident: “43 times. Anjanette Young told the police 43 times that they raided the wrong house. Nobody believed her. It could have been you. It could have been me. It was her. ” traumatized, dehumanized and humiliated. And that is unacceptable. #ProtectBlackWomen “

Bernice King, activist and daughter of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., tweeted the incident along with several other activists this week. “Such callousness and disregard for human worth and dignity requires more than reform. This shouldn’t have happened to #AnjanetteYoung. Unconcionable. @Cchicagosmayor,” said the activist.


Anjanette Young is an example of how black people are treated by the police at any time of the day. During the encounter she was neither treated with dignity nor respect, nor given a voice. We need legislative changes at the front end of policing to stop this culture of occupation.

– Bishop Cornelius Bowser Sr. (@ Tshombe77) December 17, 2020


Why do policemen keep raiding the wrong houses in black neighborhoods? These Chicago PD officers mistakenly entered the home of innocent black woman Anjanette Young with guns drawn and handcuffs while she was standing naked. This is an illegal arrest and all officers must be held accountable!

– Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) December 16, 2020

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