Friday Evening Owls: “Trump’s Vicious Cultists Are Not Completed With America”

The same goes for the fuel that sparked the Trump administration’s greatest misdeeds: the destruction of the administrative state, the withdrawal of protection for immigrants and the environment, and the systematic destruction of social protection and guarantees. President Donald Trump may have been the figurehead behind all this destruction, but we all know he wasn’t the person who sat at the Resolute Desk and made plans for himself until the late hours Deregulation of industrial methane consumption or new asylum restrictions. No, this activity was run by the likes of White House Advisor Stephen Miller, EPO Administrator Andrew Wheeler, Attorney General Bill Barr, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Now that the Trump administration is banned from the White House, these flunkies are likely to spend some time in the fuel pools of advice, big law, and science. Perhaps in time they will fade a little from the public and our memories. However, you can be sure that your damage capacity is far from exhausted. As America prepares for the inauguration of a new president, it can now be easy to sack those bad actors with a lusty “Good Riddance!” or marvel at the depths of their devaluation and sycophancy towards a crazy and spirited guide. Still, it is worth remembering that for some of Trump’s subordinates, the president has always been more of a means to an end. We can be happy that they don’t have four more years to wreak havoc, but if we’re not careful they will be back, running for office themselves, or looking forward to the campaigns of perhaps more competent despots.




“Wherever forests have not been mowed, wherever the animal has sunk into its silent protection, wherever the earth is not deprived of four-footed life – for the white man this is an ‘unbroken wilderness’. But for us there was no wilderness, nature was not dangerous, but hospitable, not forbidden, but friendly. Our faith sought harmony between man and his environment; the other sought the dominance of the environment. For us the world was full of beauty; for the other it was a place that one had to endure until he went into another world. But we were wise. We knew that, apart from nature, the human heart becomes hard. “
~~ Chef Luther Standing Bear, Sicangu and Oglala Lakota



“The holy place that was blown up [for the #BorderWall]it can never be made whole again. The ancestors put these things in the ground with care, love, tradition and prayers. These can never be regained. ”

-Your new Secretary of the US Department of the @Interior

– Maxie Adler (@maxie_adler), December 18, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2011– The failure of the austerity measures:

The current fad is to explain that austerity measures in the form of cuts in budgets, cuts in jobs, cuts in taxes, etc., magically do the opposite of all of these things, as wealthy benefactors spend the new money that You have given you create jobs and create new products that no one can afford. I don’t know that out of the goodness of their hearts, they are starting to rebuild the infrastructure. It’s never clear, nor is it honest: it’s based on the danger of the Scary Deficit Monster, which wasn’t scary at all during the time it was fed by the same politicians and think tank prophets, but like any false god, just hates the same ones Things his worshipers do.

In this case, the Scary Deficit Monster hates helping the unemployed, hates regulations (whether they are saving money or not), hates government in all forms but the military, and especially hates when wealthy citizens are asked to do the same are paying rates they made a few decades ago in the dark, almost apocalyptic 1980s or 1990s. That’s a damn nuanced policy for a mindless, foaming deficit monster, but it’s consistent: the deficit monster hates everything Democrats want and just loves all of the Heritage Foundation’s ideas, etc., etc. And why not? Even a deficient monster should love its mother.

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