Trump declares battle on Mitch McConnell by courting Tommy Tuberville to problem the election

Mitch McConnell tries to stifle all efforts to challenge the Senate election, but Trump is trying to recruit new Senator Tommy Tuberville to defy McConnell.

Trump told Rudy Giuliani on his radio show:

A few moments ago: @realDonaldTrump tells @RudyGiuliani here on that he spoke to @TTuberville last night

– TalkRadio 77 WABC (@ 77WABCradio) December 20, 2020

Trump also claimed that he and Giuliani are about to find out the truth about the election:

@realDonaldTrump with @RudyGiuliani on
“We’re actually pretty close. The fake news won’t tell you that. They try to suppress it. Lamestream Media does the same thing as it does with a laptop from hell. But we’re getting closer! “

– TalkRadio 77 WABC (@ 77WABCradio) December 20, 2020

The truth is that Joe Biden won the election with over 7 million votes. There doesn’t need to be a dedicated lawyer or investigation. The ballot papers were counted over and over again in swing states. Trump faced nearly 60 legal challenges against the out-of-court election.

Trump is obviously trying to burn everything down on his way to the door.

McConnell has urged his Republican caucus not to contest Senate elections. He rightly warned his members, who support the election challenge, that they will look anti-democratic right before the runoff elections in the Senate in Georgia. McConnell is also concerned about what a Senate election results challenge will be for voters during mid-2022.

If Tuberville votes Trump over McConnell, he will be making a huge mistake that could cost Senate Republicans for years to come.

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