Second stimulus invoice: information and updates

After months of impasse, Congress has finally closed a deal on a $ 900 billion coronavirus economic relief bill that is expected to be passed by the House and Senate on Monday. President Trump is expected to sign it.

The final contract includes $ 600 stimulus checks for those earning $ 75,000 a year or less, a $ 300 top-up on weekly unemployment insurance, a second round of forgivable small business loans, $ 25 billion Rental support as well as targeted help for schools and public transport systems. The Democrats had hoped to get wider aid to states and local governments struggling with lost revenue, and the Republicans had hoped to get corporate liability coverage, but neither made it into the final bill.

Economic relief is urgently needed; The Department of Labor estimates that 19 million people are currently insured and that coronavirus cases and deaths are reaching record highs in the United States. The emergency use of two different coronavirus vaccines has been approved by the federal government, but experts say it will take some painful months to get enough Americans vaccinated to make a measurable difference in daily life.

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