Biden destroys Trump for Russian cyberattack on America throughout press convention

President-elect Biden bluntly called out Donald Trump’s failure in the Russian cyberattack on America, saying Trump’s failure would land on his doorstep.


Biden becomes dull. Trump’s failure will land on my doorstep in January 2021.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 22, 2020

Yamiche Alcindor asked the President-Elect, “The President-Elect. Russia, as you said, is suspected of having carried out this massive cyber hack. You said it was done under the supervision of President Donald Trump but of course it will land on your doorstep on Jan 21. My question is -“

Biden replied, “All right. Let’s get something straight, land on my doorstep, his failure will land on my doorstep. “

The president-elect also said the hack was Trump’s responsibility:

Biden says the Russian cyberattack on the US is Trump’s responsibility and if he doesn’t take it seriously, Biden will.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 22, 2020

Biden said, “The truth is this. The Trump administration has not made cybersecurity a priority. It went from the elimination or demotion of cyber coordinators in both the White House and State Department to the dismissal of the agency’s director of cyberspace and infrastructure security. To irrationally downplay the gravity of this attack by President Trump. “

Biden said that if Trump does not take the attack seriously, he will: “This attack occurred on Donald Trump’s watch when he was not watching. As president, he remains responsible for defending American interests for the next four weeks. Rest assured, even if he doesn’t take it seriously, I’ll do it. ”

Joe Biden just said what everyone’s been thinking for four years. Donald Trump is a failure, and Biden was chosen to clean up the mess Trump created and bring the country back on Trump. Donald Trump and John Bolton have weakened cybersecurity for Putin, and now it’s up to Biden to make the Russians pay.

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