“We gained”: Kamala Harris solely wants two phrases to crush Trump’s hopes of holding on to energy

In just two words, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris responded to Donald Trump’s increasingly desperate attempt to hold on to power: “We won.”

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the new vice president said she was not impressed with Trump’s latest attempt to reverse the election results.

“The American people have spoken. That election is over, ”said Harris. “We will do what is necessary as the American people have said that you will be the next to take the helm and address these issues.”


Kamala Harris, while Donald Trump is focused on overthrowing a losing election, she and Joe Biden are working around the clock to prepare for January 20, 2021.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 22, 2020

Vice-President-Elect Harris said:

What I make of it is that it’s more of the same. Unfortunately, this is not surprising. But we do what we have to do, which is to work around the clock every day. I mean literally around the clock. Put together a team. When we finalize our implementation plans on January 20th, the goal is to give people relief with both vaccinations. It will be about helping small businesses. It will be about putting in place a process in which we can reopen our schools. We will focus on that. The American people have spoken. That choice is over. We won. And so we are going to do what is necessary as the American people have said that you will be the next to take the helm and address these issues. And that’s where our focus will be, not what he’s doing in the White House right now.

While Trump whines in the White House, Biden-Harris gets to work

In the weeks following their pivotal win, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris put together a cabinet and prepared to tackle a number of crises they will face on day one.

Whether it’s fighting the pandemic, getting the American people vaccinated, providing more economic relief, or protecting the country from a Russian cyber attack, the new administration has focused its work on that.

Worse, the Biden Harris team is dealing with an outgoing government that refuses to peacefully transfer power, as the presidents of both parties have done in the past.

Whether Trump likes it or not, the election is over. The American people hired Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead the country out of these crises.

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