Abbreviated Pundit Abstract: Pandemics and GH insanity are on the rise


So let’s summarize:

AOC has a bill that Chuck Schumer has now approved that would regulate a policy without which Trump threatens to shut down the administration (with Lindsey Graham’s cheerleading), and that Pelosi wants unanimous approval.

– Taniel (@Taniel) December 23, 2020


It should be quiet but we should have known better

IN ONE NIGHT, president DONALD TRUMP pardoned three crooked former Republican Congressmen and some private security forces convicted of murdering civilians in Iraq advocated a primary challenge for Sen. JOHN THUNE (RS.D.) – “Mitch’s Boy” He said, and also a candidate for the next Senate GOP leader – and is on the verge of blowing up a massive bipartisan spending and Covid relief deal that his administration has negotiated with Capitol Hill.

We’re sad when you’ve decided to pull the plug or downshifting in these last days of this wretched year.


Trump is trying to create pardon fatigue when he pardons himself and his children.

– Lawrence O’Donnell (@Lawrence) December 23, 2020

The hill:

Pelosi responds to Trump: Let’s push for $ 2K checks ‘this week’.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Replied on Tuesday night President TrumpCalling for a boost to stimulus funds following the passage of the COVID-19 bailout package by Congress this week says it is ready to push for the $ 2,000 checks requested by the president.

“Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the president wanted for direct controls,” Pelosi tweeted, blaming GOP lawmakers. “Finally the president has approved $ 2,000 – the Democrats are ready to unanimously speak up this week. Let’s do it!”

New York Times:

Pandemic relief strengthens Biden and shows potential path for his agenda in Congress

In collaboration with the elected president, non-partisan groups in the Senate and House of Representatives helped bring the leaders’ feuds to compromise. It could be a template for the future.

Given the minor partisan divisions that will exist next year in both the Senate and House of Representatives, the approach could provide a roadmap for the Biden administration to break the paralysis of Congress, particularly the Senate, and pass additional laws. Mr Biden has said that another economic relief plan will be an early priority.

Little did the Republican know Trump was going to do this. On the other hand, they still don’t understand that he’s trying to destroy their party.


What non-pharma interventions have worked and slowed the spread of # COVID19? Big Oxford U’s study found that closing universities and limiting congregation sizes had a big impact. (1 MORE)

– Laurie Garrett (@Laurie_Garrett) December 22, 2020


Trump orchestrates final loyalty test to undermine elections

The president plans to force Republicans to answer a question: are they for or against his offer to overthrow the election?

Trump has been working with a group of his staunchest supporters in Congress for the past few days to strategize the effort raised during the typical pro forma congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

It is a move that even Republican leaders and those around Trump are doomed to fail given the makeup of Congress. However, according to GOP lawmakers, Trump advisors, and Republican activists, that’s not the only point.

The objections will also force Republicans in Congress to hold a record vote to confirm Biden’s victory. They acknowledge the result and are likely to spark Trump’s die-hard supporters, a key GOP faction that has joined the president to deny the election results. Republican strategists and Trump allies inside and outside Washington said Trump’s main proponents would remember their lawmakers voting on Jan. 6.


On the one hand, the president is trying to figure out how to make a stupid coup so that he can be president for life; on the other hand, you have democrats who want states not to go bankrupt.

– Molly Jong-Fast🏑 (@MollyJongFast) December 22, 2020

Chris Smith / Vanity Fair:


Now that Trumps AG is not breathing down their necks, prosecutors in the southern borough of New York can collect evidence against, for example, Rudy Giuliani without interference. “It all depends on the facts and witnesses,” says a former senior SDNY official. “But they are more likely to continue without Barr.”


This will surely make Trump’s path more difficult as he tries to force Barr’s successor to appoint a special lawyer – and it makes Biden’s AG easier to fire you when it comes down to it.

– David Lauter (@DavidLauter) December 21, 2020 (GA):

Democrats Hold Ahead of GOP Candidates in Senate Drains: 11Alive Poll

But the races are still for everyone.

According to the data, Ossoff has managed to extend his lead over Perdue since 11Alive last poll on the Senate runoff election, which was held a little over two weeks ago. Ossoff now leads Perdue with 51% to 46% of the respondents – 50 to 48% ahead.

Meanwhile, Warnock’s lead over Loeffler in the other run-off race remains unchanged from two weeks ago. He still has a 52-45% lead. However, both surveys are within the margin of error.

Right now, both Democratic candidates appear to be benefiting from Republican wrangling over who and what was responsible for President Trump’s defeat in the November 3rd general election. Some in the GOP have blamed Republican leaders in Georgia, and some extremist supporters of the president have suggested Republicans suspend the election.


A media report written by me for @CJR: Rep. @Ttlieu is working on laws to revitalize the Federal Writers’ Project – a New Deal program from the 1930s that employs unemployed journalists and writers to work to publicly document America. /1

– Jon Allsop (@Jon_Allsop) December 22, 2020

LA Times:

Many US health experts underestimated the coronavirus – until it was too late

Many leading infectious disease specialists underestimated the rapid outbreak in the first few weeks and months, assuming the US was largely unharmed again. American hubris prevented the country from responding as quickly and effectively as Asian nations, Adalja said.


“A marathon meeting that lasted over four hours and included a discussion of tactics ranging from the introduction of martial law in swing states to the seizure of voting machines by Executive Fiat.”

Short version: Riots in the Oval Office.

– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) December 22, 2020


Trump turns everyone on

The newest: His outrage targets include Vice President Pence, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, White House Attorney Pat Cipollone, Secretary of State Pompeo and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Why it matters: Trump considers everyone around him to be weak, stupid or disloyal – and increasingly seeks solace only in people who make him reject the election results. We cannot stress enough how nervous Trump officials are from the White House talks.


The cherry on top of this presidency would be Trump, who rejects any loyalist like Pence who keeps standing up for him.

– William D. Adler (@ williamadler78) December 22, 2020

Dr. Neelu Tammala / USA Today:

Climate crisis: I used to think about when to have children. Now I ask if I should have it.

Reliable COVID vaccines inspire optimism around 2021 and beyond. There is no vaccine for the climate crisis, but we have to create a similarly promising future

A recent study roughly shows this 25% of childless adults consider climate change in their decision not to have children. For the past 20 years of my own life, my thoughts on starting a family have always been about timing. When is the right time for me? It wasn’t the carefree years of college, the medical school years of study, or the overworked years of residency. Now, as I continue to look ahead, the question of when is accompanied by a previously unthinkable thought: Should I?

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