The Georgian International Minister is reversing his place and is now calling for the top of the apologetic mail-in vote

Now, however, Raffensperger seems to believe that his position in the Republican Party is so precarious that he has to shore things up a little. How do you do that when you’re an elected Republican official in need of a quick popularity boost? They announce a new plan to keep people from voting.

Raffensperger is moving from defending the integrity of his office to a new initiative calling on Georgian lawmakers to end non-excusing postal votes in the state. The reasons are obvious. Trump and other conspiratorial Republicans blame mail-in votes for their loss; The answer to Republicans’ future success is therefore to remove those votes from the voting pool.

This is after the state’s Republicans themselves voted for postal voting – because postal voters are more likely to be older Americans who are more likely to be Republicans in their voting trends. The pandemic has tainted these assumptions, so now the postal vote must take place.

None of this makes much sense. Raffensperger’s new claim that Georgia has now had fifteen years to end mail-in voting without apology because he and the party suddenly think it is a route to “illegal voting” is ridiculous and transparent. It is clearly in response to false conspiracy claims and the suffering of Republicans that a method of facilitating voting for their own constituents is now being used by other constituents to an unexpected extent.

Restricting mail-in voting will make it easier for Republican officials to adjust efforts to suppress in-person voting in the way they do today. You can reduce access to personal polling stations in democratic areas of the state and improve access to republican areas. Mail-in ballots sabotage such schemes by allowing voters in any part of the state to avoid long polling stations.

There is no pattern of fraud or illegal voting anywhere in the country, either in person or by mail. Budding hero Brad knows this and has said this repeatedly without a doubt when these conspiracy theories were launched in his office and threatened to undermine his political future. It’s a joke. But it also seems that Raffensperger knows that if he cracks down on these conspiracies, he will have no future in the party and is therefore ready to give them his name if that is what keeps state conservatives from pursuing his career kneel whether Loeffler or Perdue wins or not.

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