33 black-owned companies in assist of the Holidays and Past


To bring the magic of #JingleJangle to life and support the black business, we partnered with @BlackOwnedEverything to put together a list of some amazing black-owned brands and creators curated by @ZerinaAkers. Visit and check out this thread for assistance.

– Strong black lead (@strongblacklead) December 15, 2020

Baby products
Happy Mango is “an environmentally friendly boutique for babies, pregnancies and children,” tweeted Netflix. “Phnewfula created Happy Mango to give parents and family members easy access to safe products for their little ones. It’s a full-service boutique that sells everything from car seats to toys. “


Kintsugi Candle Co. is a “lifestyle brand that offers candles, clothing, and accessories adorned with quotes that speak of perseverance and triumph to inspire each of us to celebrate our stories about resilience and prioritize self-love through authenticity,” tweeted Netflix.

Adult clothing
iNFable Socks is “a bold, fun unisex sock company that gives back,” tweeted Netflix. “It’s a high-quality sock made of 80% combed cotton. Every sock design is tied to a specific thing. With every purchase, a percentage of the sale goes to non-profit organizations that fight for the cause. “

Children’s book
Parker Curry, 5, went viral in 2018 when a photo of her, simply “impressed” by a portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama, was captured by the international media. She went on to write the children’s book Parker Looking Up: An Extraordinary Moment with her mother, Jessica Parker.

My What Box is “a subscription box company founded by siblings Alvin and Brandy Coleman with a vision to inspire families to learn about the world together, support small businesses and help create more diverse home libraries,” tweeted Netflix.

GAS-ART GIFTS was founded in 2012 to promote the books, artworks and stationery of children’s book illustrator R. Gregory Christie, the company announced on its website. I hosted my son’s first birthday party at Christie’s store before he went online, and his books were quickly becoming household favorites.

Children’s clothing
Roses Malone is a “family children’s sleepwear company founded in 2020 by Richard Nevels of HBO’s hit show Insecure and his model / actress daughter Taylor Nevels,” tweeted Netflix. “Your child’s comfort is a top priority for Roses Malone.”

Kido is “a children’s boutique in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago,” tweeted Netflix. “The store is owned by the artists Keewa Nurullah and Doug Freitag and has an impeccably curated book collection, sustainable toys and games, and colorful clothing.”

Healthy Roots Dolls is “a multicultural kids product company that makes dolls that represent the beauty of our diversity,” Netflix said in a tweet from its Strong Black Lead sub-brand. “Healthy Roots Dolls believes no child should feel less than the kink of their curls or the color of their skin.”

Team World Girls ”creates dolls with rich, ambitious storytelling. Each Worldgirls doll embodies a distinct archetypal trait – warrior, healer, explorer, rebel and scholar – so kids can identify with the dolls’ unique passions rather than their looks, ”Netflix tweeted.

Foot mats

Kicky Mats was “founded by Texas-born artist Eboni Roberts with the goal of gradually changing the world of boring doormats,” tweeted Netflix. “Eboni organizes virtual painting parties where guests can personally design and paint their doormats.”

to eat and drink

Majors Project Pop “offers a healthy version of kettle corn with carefully selected organic ingredients, including a strong, virgin coconut oil that lingers on the palate. A little sweet, a little salty, ”tweeted Netflix. “Everything vegan, everything is good.”

Sol Cacao is “an artisanal chocolate maker that makes single-origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx,” tweeted Netflix. “The company was founded by three brothers from Trinidad & Tobago and they strive to create the best quality chocolate.”

Coffee of Grace is “a women-owned and operated specialty coffee company based in New York that aims to make a positive impact on the lives of our coffee partners,” tweeted Netflix. “All coffees are 100% Arabica, special quality, from organic farming and for ethical reasons.”

Red Bay Coffee Roasters, the bean roaster of choice for some Daily Kos employees, was founded by Keba Konte in 2014. “We are foodies, artists, activists, community people and innovators who love, love, love what we do.” The company said on its website.

World of Chris Collins is a “line of fragrances designed to capture feelings of attraction, daring, and freedom,” tweeted Netflix. “The fragrances tell the stories of New York and Paris and their cultural exchanges from the Harlem Renaissance to the present day.”

Hill + Daniel “Break away from the traditions of the typical home fragrance company and combine quality design with the intimate art of handcrafted creation to create products like nothing else,” tweeted Netflix.

Block Girl Seed Co. was “founded by Keyonna Sanders to inspire girls through gardening,” tweeted Netflix. “Keyonna’s mission is to let every girl know that they are enough by planting positive seeds for gardens, self-esteem, and confidence.”

The beautiful plant was “founded by partners Jasmine Nicole + Andre Cisco, born from the idea that everyone should have a little green,” tweeted Netflix. “The company wants to make it easier to give thoughtful gifts and sell you when you plant because people thrive in the presence of plants!”

Eeni Edit “started sharing art on Instagram and grew into a lifestyle brand selling stationery, clothing and accessories with the illustration of the same name and a healthy dose of magic for black girls,” tweeted Netflix.

Head wraps, hats and turbans
The Wrap Life was “founded by Nnenna Stella in 2014,” tweeted Netflix. “Stella’s intention is to introduce the transformative power of wearing headwear as a form of self-expression.”

Grace Eleyae, named after its founder, is a company founded in 2014 with a satin hat and turban. “Lined with silk and satin, our products eliminate hair-damaging friction, bind moisture and help distribute the natural oils from your hair on your scalp. ” the company said on its website.

Candid Art is “an artisanal jewelry, home decor and kid lifestyle brand influenced by the modern African diaspora and cosmic geometry,” tweeted Netflix. “Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted and created for the fearless fashion enthusiast who wants to make a statement.”

Paper products
FOLKUS is “the leading eco-friendly stone paper products brand seeking utility, responsible environmental stewardship, and a platform for art, storytelling, history, activism and preserving black beauty, joy and triumph,” tweeted Netflix.

Timeless Goods is “about sharing experiences, whether it’s creating sculptures with chairs or breaking a photo into pieces of a puzzle, it’s about looking through an artistic lens and being open,” tweeted Netflix.

Puzzle Huddle is “a puzzle company focused on creating commercially produced jigsaw puzzles with different images,” tweeted Netflix. “They take so much pride in bringing you puzzles that feature inclusive pictures that our children and others will love.”

GREER Chicago is “an online stationery store with a retail location in Soho, NYC,” tweeted Netflix. “Greer is dedicated to delivering a collection that will make your world a more positive, beautiful, and thoughtful place by a range of designers big and small.”


Colourfull Plates is “a well thought-out multi-character children’s tableware company that depicts children seeing themselves doing things they imagine,” tweeted Netflix.

Cultural kitchens is “a unique tableware brand that specializes in creating stories through culture,” tweeted Netflix. “They combine the rich historical African design with the functionality and elegance of tableware.”

Teddy bears

Cubby Love Bears “are brightly colored teddy bears that non-verbal children can use to learn letters, words and numbers in English and Spanish,” tweeted Netflix. “The main goal of Cubby Love Bear is to fill the language development gap in children while learning new languages.”

SugarCoated Toy Shop “offers educational toys that inspire girls and boys to have fun exploring their imaginations by learning through free play,” tweeted Netflix. “Your toys help develop basic cognitive and communication skills while promoting independence.”

Scotch Porter “creates healthier, handcrafted multi-purpose grooming and wellness products that allow you to look, feel, and smell your best without breaking the bank,” tweeted Netflix.

Wrapping paper
UNWRP “offers luxury wrapping paper, fabric wrapping, greeting cards and housewares, all designed by the world’s most talented artists,” tweeted Netflix.

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