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MP Debbie Dingell (D-MI) beat up Donald Trump on Saturday for having the courage to derail COVID relief laws after spending months not lifting a finger to help millions of struggling Americans.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, Rep. Dingell said that her Democratic counterparts had suggested higher stimulus checks since May when they passed a major bailout package, but Trump has not lifted a finger to make it happen.

“Where was he?” asked the democratic legislature. “He’ll say one thing in the morning, one thing in the afternoon. It is time for him to be clear. “

Rep. Dingell said the $ 600 check compromise legislation was just a down payment and more needed to be done, but she added that Trump was a reason for the bad bill.

“It’s not perfect. He helped not make it perfect, ”she said. “People need the president to sign this bill so there is something in their life that will give them a little security this holiday season.”


. @ RepDebDingell condemns Trump for derailing COVID relief laws after months of ignoring the crisis.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 26, 2020

Rep. Dingell said

Well, because President Trump isn’t going to tell us what he’s going to do because he really doesn’t seem to care about the number of Americans who are in fear right now to possibly be evicted as they eat even during this holiday season go how they will live. Yes, we would like a stimulus payment of $ 2,000. We have been talking about this since May. It’s not a bill, Ali, that you talked about in October. We passed one in May. Where was he? He wasn’t consistent. He’ll say one thing in the morning, one thing in the afternoon. It is time for him to be clear. Does he care about people? Then tell them that you will sign the bill. It’s a deposit. It’s not perfect. He helped not make it perfect. People need the President to sign this bill so there is something in their lives that will give them a little bit of security this holiday season.

Trump’s stimulus stunt shows how distant he is from the country’s government

Donald Trump thought he could come in at the eleventh hour and look like a hero doing $ 2,000 stimulus checks, but his stunt only shows how distant he was from that process and from the country’s government.

As Rep. Dingell noted on Saturday, the Democrats passed a bill in May providing for stimulus checks worth twice the amount of the current relief bill. Perhaps Trump was too busy holding superspreader rallies during the campaign to notice what was happening in Washington, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t.

Donald Trump doesn’t care if he brings more money to the American people. He’s only interested in destroying everything on his path in the next 25 days because he still hasn’t managed to lose the election.

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