Mike Pence goes snowboarding whereas Individuals die with out pandemic help

Vice President Mike Pence has broken CDC guidelines and does not ski in Colorado as pandemic aid has not yet been signed as Americans die.

RealVail first reported:

According to reports, 18 Secret Service agents have booked rooms at the Grand Hyatt Vail, with another 30 agents staying elsewhere in the valley.

Ski instructors were reportedly booked for the pence party at the nearby Beaver Creek Resort, and a source confirmed that one of the vice president’s brothers was discovered in town.

A military jet loaded with vehicles reportedly landed at Eagle County’s regional airport on Tuesday. Pence is expected to arrive at Air Force 2 on Wednesday.

The CDC urged Americans not to travel over the holiday season, so Mike Pence is hosting a super-spreader event on the slopes because he was vaccinated. So who cares about someone who is involved in their ski vacation and could get sick?

Trump has not yet signed the COVID aid bill. The American people fight, suffer and die. Vice President Mike Pence shows what Americans really mean to him by going skiing while Donald Trump plays golf at his private club.

The Americans are dying and Mike Pence is skiing. January 20, 2021 can’t get here fast enough.

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