CNN host Don Lemon claims Trump “embarrassed” delay in reduction

Radically liberal CNN host Don Lemon claimed Donald Trump was “just embarrassed” about the delay in signing the COVID-19 relief bill.

Lemon Says Trump Is “Embarrassed”

“Ron, I have to tell you that as a layman, I watch it as much as possible over the holidays because I’m free and not working. It’s embarrassing,” Lemon said when talking to Ronald Brownstein, the managing editor at The said Atlantic. “The president is just embarrassed and is really ruining the legacy he’s acquired since his tenure.”

“Those stimulus checks, Ron, should run out this week,” he added. “However, this timing could slip, according to an administrative officer. And then the president comes in. He’s delaying the deal for a week. It’s not just politics. There are real ones – it affects Americans who are counting on that money. “

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Brownstein agrees

Brownstein quickly agreed with Lemon’s anti-Trump sentiments.

“Well, embarrassing is the right word, Don,” he said. “If he really wanted to influence the content of this bill he has months to intervene, but it has been fully reviewed in this bill as he was involved in the wider pandemic himself.”

“Since the election, his focus has been on overthrowing the election,” Brownstein added. He has pressured the Justice Department to appoint special prosecutors to target his political opponents. He has made pardons to his cronies and Confederates while also being AWOL on an almost unimaginable national security challenge. “

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“We said we see September 11th or Pearl Harbor every day,” he concluded. “The University of Washington predicts that January could even exceed the staggering death toll. We’re talking about 100,000 planned deaths in January from COVID, and the president is simply AWOL as he maintains his own complaints. “

Given what a radically left-wing joke Lemons own show has become during Trump’s presidency, many would argue that he is the last person to label the actions of others as “embarrassing”.

This piece was written by James Samson on December 29th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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