Evaluation: Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit towards democracy and the identify Trump King will fail

Louie Gohmert of Texas, named “the dumbest member of Congress” for 84 years, sued Vice President Pence in a Texas court Monday, asking the court to order Pence to ignore the electoral college and nominate his own constituents to become Trump Appoint President. Kelly Ward and a handful of other B-List Republicans joined the doomed suit.

The lawsuit, like the 50-something that others from the GOP have filed, is going to fail. First, the US Supreme Court ruled last July that state laws prohibiting so-called “unfaithful voters” are constitutional voters who choose who they prefer instead of the voter-elected candidate. In the Chiafalo v Washington case, the court ruled in a rare unanimous decision that states could remove any voter who refused to vote for the state’s referendum winner and replace him with a voter who would do so.

While not all states passed such laws, most of those important here did – Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Simply what Louie asked Mike Pence to do is illegal in all swing states except Pennsylvania. Of course, math isn’t Louie’s forte, but even without Pennsylvania, the swing states with faithless voter laws and the many blue states that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won will be enough to get their victory.

The second reason the lawsuit fails is because of the legal principle that only a person who has been directly harmed by an event can appeal to the court. Most of TeamTreason’s 59 lost suits were dismissed due to lack of reputation. The pout that your husband didn’t win isn’t specific enough to warrant standing.

In sum, the suit is nothing more than a desperate and futile ploy by Louie to please Trump. If the court doesn’t immediately dismiss the lawsuit for lack of reputation, it will be swiftly dismissed for lack of merit, and on January 6, Louie can shout his head into his Trump2020 handkerchief while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are certified as our President and Vice President.

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