Lodge Harrington cancels Proud Boy reservations as pro-Trump fascists plan remaining descent to DC

Now that Donald Trump himself campaigns for anti-democracy protests on January 6th when Congress meets to accept and count the votes of electoral college voters, Harrington is responding to the needs of its new, unwanted clientele by announcing that they will close completely that day. The hotel plans to close on January 4th and 6th. In a Sunday declaration, the hotel names the “safety of our visitors, guests and employees” as the reason for the closure.

HuffPost reports that this has led to anger among living beings adjacent to Proud Boy and Proud Boy who booked rooms for those days to take part in Trump’s latest coup. Yes, how dare companies in Washington, DC fail to be hubs for drinking, burping, pro-fascist groups that gather in the city to specifically provoke mass violence. A star of mine, good gentlemen.

What Donald Trump and his most violent supporters are actually up to on January 6th remains to be seen. Trump, completely lost in the delusion that his loss of the election was due to massive, unproven and completely invisible “fraud” by voters, no longer pretends to do his day-to-day work, and after being judged by every court on his “right” “Has been closed The team’s” allegations proven to be false “now invite supporters to flood Washington in an apparent intimidation of Congress into nullifying the election. Trump does it from a place of literal delusion – the man has suffered a narcissistic breakdown and cannot distinguish between objective reality and his own sponsored lies. Its followers do it because the establishment of a white nationalist, pseudo-Christian state that our democracy used to be in seems close enough to taste; whether it is based on jokes and propaganda is irrelevant in another of the defining characteristics of fascism.

The Proud Boys do not intend to end their incitement to violence next week. Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, encourages his followers to get tickets to Biden’s inauguration, put on pro-Biden clothing, and then “revolt” inside the venue. Other fascist groups are also calling for violence against Biden. Trump specifically does not discourage it and is likely to escalate in himself and explicitly call for violence before being removed from the White House. He is desperate, he has never cared about his oath, the country or anything else, and his new pardons show that he is very much aware that he has left a trail of crime and corruption that will outlast his skill as president Hide them.

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