The police chief desires a gunman and a liar who filed for an arrest warrant within the Breonna Taylor case to be launched

Taylor, a 26-year-old paramedic, died on March 13 after officers broke through her door in her sleep. Her friend Kenneth Walker, who was also at Taylor’s home at the time, said he hadn’t heard any officials show identification. He fired a so-called “warning shot” that hit Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly before realizing officers, not intruders, stormed into his girlfriend’s house. Officers Mattingly, Cosgrove and Brett Hankison fired multiple shots in return and hit Taylor five times. Hankison, who is accused of blindly firing 10 shots at Taylor’s house during the robbery, has been released. Mattingly and Cosgrove have only been “administratively reassigned” since then, but Cosgrove received a preliminary ruling letter, attorney Jarrod Beck confirmed with the Courier Journal Tuesday.

“I believe my decisions have placed responsibility for the actions taken in this case on the shoulders of those responsible,” said Gentry in an email to officials received by the Courier-Journal. “Until now, every officer in this department has carried the uneven burden of decisions that none of you have made and has had to work in conditions that you have not created.” Gentry, an interim boss, filled a role that became vacant when Schröder retired and Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired An official who shot and killed David McAtee, who lives in Black Louisville, for curfew, NPR reported.

Gentry is working to release Jaynes for “untruth” and inadequate preparation for the execution of the warrant in Taylor’s case. Jaynes is alleged to have devised a program to prove packages for Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, a convicted drug trafficker, who walked to her home, according to a lawyer Ben Crump posted on social media Tuesday.

“Detective Jaynes lied when he swore he was checked by a US Postal Inspector,” wrote Gentry, saying that the packages were going to Taylor’s home. “Detective Jaynes had no contact with a US Postal Inspector, he got the information from Sergeant Mattingly, who got it from a Shively cop.

“Detective Jaynes also lied when he swore that a US postal inspector ‘notified Jamarcus Glover had received packages'” “at Taylor’s apartment.

Gentry called the dishonesty “unacceptable” and accused Jaynes of “extreme violations of our policies that put others at risk”. She wrote, “Your actions have discredited you and the department. Your behavior has seriously damaged the image our department has built in our community.”

The boss went on to say she was unwavering in her decision to fire Jaynes. “I cannot tolerate this type of behavior or falsehood by any member of the Louisville Metro Police Department,” wrote Gentry. “I have the greatest confidence in my decision to terminate your employment in the best interests of the Louisville Metro Police Department and our community.”

Gentry also said in the letter that there should be “better scrutiny, surveillance and control” before the warrant is signed and executed, and failure to do so creates “a very dangerous situation” for everyone involved. “You were the officer who conducted most of the investigation. Neither you nor your line manager or his lieutenant were present or available at the scene when the search warrant was carried out,” Gentry continued.

Jaynes, who has been an officer for 14 years, has a closed hearing scheduled for Thursday Attorney Thomas Clay said they both will attend. “Detective Jaynes and I will appear for the hearing to try to convince the acting chief gentry that this action is not justified,” Clay told the Courier-Journal. “Jaynes didn’t do anything wrong.”

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