Senator Ted Cruz, a traitor, defends Republican makes an attempt to nullify the election

Trump has claimed “fraud” in every competition he lost in his life, be it television reviews, contracts he wanted to forego, awards, and so on. He is a vicious narcissist who swims in a sea of ​​his own delusions. He is literally delusional. Ted Cruz knows, however, that he is asking that his party launch a coup based on fraudulent propaganda and feverish dream jokes. He knows and promotes the hoaxes to further his own ambitions. He advocates the annulment of an election so that his own party can retain power regardless of the voters’ choice. It’s just that.

Cruz was unwilling to defend his untenable position against anyone but the most aggressive fascist voice on Fox News, a place from which he re-fueled false theories that fuel right-wing violence – for his own benefit. As with all Republican objections to the election results, he provided no evidence, only useful delusions.


Ted Cruz tells Maria Bartiromo that the “electoral commission” he called for could ultimately “put aside” the election results – implying that this would pave the way for another Trump term

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 3, 2021

He also meowed that anyone who protests against his transparent fascist tactics should “calm down”. He has been labeled a traitor and a rebel, and he believes that such a conversation throws “burning matches” into a tinder box. But he clearly advocates riot and can go to hell because of it. More importantly, he has so clearly violated his own oath of office by promoting conspiracies to advocate some extra-legal, extra-constitutional, wrong means that he should be charged and removed from office. His actions are unforgivable.


“I think everyone needs to calm down … It’s like a box of tinder that burning matches are thrown into.” – Sen. Ted Cruz, who threw burning matches into a tinder box

– The recount (@therecount) January 3, 2021

As the House of Representatives Republicans and a gathering of Senators willing to instigate a little opportunistic authoritarianism continue to grow together, their numbers tell the story. This is a party that is against elections themselves. This is a party that not only willingly but aggressively spreads lies designed to mislead the American people, and a movement that relies on false propaganda as its primary means of power.

Indeed, if the Republicans had kept the house, the election would be canceled and Trump would be reinstated as leader regardless of the results. That seems clear enough. Former Republican Mark Meadows would have helped lead these indictments. As Trump’s newest chief of staff, he continues to empower his potential dear leader, even as Trump has called for mass demonstrations to eradicate his loss.


We are now with well over 100 House members and a dozen Senators ready to stand up for the integrity of the elections and to oppose certification.

It’s time to fight back.

– Mark Meadows (@MarkMeadows) January 3, 2021

Trump had previously told his white supremacist and pro-fascism allies to “stand by”. The language of Trump and his allies in the last few days is the more explicit “defense”.

However, not all is well in the land of the Trump sycophants. Senator Josh Hawley, the grotesquely ambitious mannequin from Missouri who first announced he would call on the Senate to throw out the Biden voters in the swing states that cemented Trump’s loss, was caught by Cruz’s attempt to take the limelight against the Stealing elections overshadows. He’s also astute from the condemnations of the few Republican lawmakers who are still unwilling to betray their country under the guise of delusional deceivers. His defense consists of empty words.

Trump’s best pair of shoes now has its own reasons to complain. Senator Lindsey Graham is also irritated by Cruz’s willingness to stage him in his allegiance to the now raging Dear Leader. Graham’s objection to Cruz’s proposal to annul an election on the basis of a propaganda joke is carefully phrased: He complains that Cruz’s sycophancy “has no chance of becoming a reality” and is therefore only a “political evasive maneuver” and not “effectively” fighting for Trump.

This is possibly the best one-line version of how we are currently in a targeted coup. A party with no morals or merit, person to person, to be a madman’s most trusted ally. All argue over who can best support their delusions while brushing aside the disastrous damage. Trump has betrayed his nation countless times now. He may have the full majority of his party behind him when he tried to overturn democracy himself.

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