US army protects towards Iranian assaults

It was no coincidence that Iran released American hostages on the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981. They knew what they were up to.

It is also no coincidence that the Iranians are planning a move against this nation, as this publication has been predicting for months. Because in Joe Biden the Iranians also know what to expect: weakness. So the US military is ready to hopefully deter and, if necessary, respond to Iranian aggression. There are reports that the attack may come soon. Maybe a clarification in place. The real step, however, will be between the inauguration in Biden and March.

BREAKING: USA sends more B-52 bombers to the Middle East and warns Iran.

Third wave of B-52s in 45 days. The aim was to deter Tehran 5 days before the Suleimani anniversary. Https://

– Joyce Karam (@Joyce_Karam) December 30, 2020

A possible attack on Iran could come

Fox News reported:

“Two American B-52 bombers were flying more than 30 hours non-stop round trip from the United States to the Middle East to send a new warning to Iran when a senior military official said new warnings were discovered , a sign These potential “complex attacks” against Americans are brewing as the US killed Iran’s most powerful general looms for a year.

In a statement, US Central Command said the bombers were fired from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota on Tuesday morning. This was the third time in the last 45 days that US air force bombers have flown escorted deterrent missions over the Persian Gulf. The bombers flew through without incident and Iran had not responded publicly until Wednesday morning …

Last week, the guided missile submarine USS Georgia, armed with up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles and dry deck protection for Navy SEALs, entered the Persian Gulf according to the Navy’s 5th Fleet. It was the first public announcement of a guided missile submarine in eight years that crossed the Strait of Hormuz off the Iranian coast into the Gulf.

The submarine was accompanied by cruisers Port Royal and Philippine Sea, each armed with dozen of cruise missiles. The guided missile destroyer John Paul Jones also patrols the Persian Gulf. The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz is currently off the Somali coast in the Indian Ocean but could return north to the Arabian Sea to launch attacks from dozens of F-18 super hornets if necessary, the senior military official said. Last month, a squadron of American F-16 jet fighters from Germany arrived at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. “

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Officials speak out

“The United States continues to use combat-ready capabilities within the US Central Command’s area of ​​responsibility to deter potential adversaries and makes it clear that we are ready and able to respond to any aggression directed against Americans or our interests,” Gen said. Frank McKenzie, US Central Command commander. “We are not looking for conflict, but no one should underestimate our ability to defend our armed forces or to respond decisively to an attack.”

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A senior Pentagon official said there was “potential for other more complex attacks” against Americans in Iraq: “I think the US embassy in Baghdad is likely to be attacked again in some way … We see plans, in particular in Iraq for complex attacks that require Iranian help to be withdrawn. “

“We are unclear if this is contingency planning or if it is a plan that is moving forward because the permit has been granted and they are just trying to get all the pieces in place and execute … We are seeing a whole lot more progressive conventional weapons of various kinds that have flown across the border into Iraq, ”they added. “The threat streams are very real. The extent of this planning and the complexity of the planned attacks caught our attention. “

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This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 30th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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