‘I’ve a bronze star’: Black actual property photographer who seems to have taken an image

Crutchfield asked why the officer who had the name R. Morado on his uniform had to keep his ID. Then it is former US Capitol cop answered the question himself. “You don’t have to take out my ID and you know I’m right,” he said.

One of the officers in Foxcroft Heights told Crutchfield he was accused of trying to get to the nearby military base. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. “If I wanted to go to the base, I have my ID to go to the base,” replied the veteran. A white woman with Crutchfield assured officers that this was a “racist” encounter for one of the officers to get away from the scene. “I’m with him and she hasn’t said anything about me,” the woman could be heard saying.

Crutchfield said the incident was “embarrassing” and officials “should know better”. “I have a bronze star. I’m retired from the military (…) and they have (…) three patrol cars out here for me. I’m an agent and a photographer and that’s what we get in this climate. It’s ridiculous, ”said Crutchfield. “I asked if I could go. I asked if I could go and you asked me more questions, ”he added, speaking to one of the officers.

Crutchfield filed a complaint with the Arlington County Police Department later Monday. Arlington Police told Washington Post officials that they responded to a “report from a suspect and a suspicious vehicle” and that “the reporting party reported that the male subject had photos of the Southgate entrance to Joint Base Myer -Henderson Hall did “. It was an allegation that Crutchfield denied as it would have been a violation of grassroots policy. He told the Post that he only held up his camera to check the battery and did not take photos of his car, a BMW 3 Series.

Julius Spain, president of NAACP’s Arlington office, and Kent Carter, first vice president, said in a joint statement that Crutchfield was hired to “take memorable vacation photos at a customer’s home” and “approached by a white neighbor in his car” was questioning his presence in their neighborhood. “This has to stop,” they added in the statement. “It is not a crime to be black.”

Crutchfield posted his video of the incident on December 23, 2020 on Facebook with the following title:

“I didn’t want to post this, but after a few days of reflection, I decided to share my experience. Over the years, I’ve had several run-ins with nosy neighbors worried that a black man was parked in their neighborhood. Usually it’s “can I help you” and I answer with a short “no”. Then this is what you take pictures for. I never answer that. It’s just none of their business. Well … the other day I was parked in Arlington, waiting for an appointment, when a man came by and asked me if I needed help, of course not. I informed the Lord that I didn’t need any help. To be honest – I was offended. Every black person knows what that means … I retired from the US Army with a bronze star. I am also a former federal law enforcement officer. I’ve taught my kids to be good citizens over the years to be good people in general, but it seems like things are slowly changing …

After the gentleman did not get the expected answer, he turned to several other neighbors, one of whom called the police. 10 minutes later, I was dragged out of the house my appointment was in and interrogated by Arlington’s best … now I’ve photographed thousands of celebrities over the years, big-name politicians (Obama’s home) as well as regular-price homes. I was NEVER so embarrassed. It was hurtful and degrading in many ways. The following video captures some of the emotions and frustrations I felt in this situation. It could have been a lot worse … we’ve seen that many times lately. It is time for changes. #andrehill ”

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