The Scottish chief urges Trump to steer clear of Scotland

Amid rumors that Trump is planning to flee to Scotland to skip Biden’s inauguration, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged Trump to stay away.

Via: The Washington Post:

At her daily press conference, Sturgeon said, “I have no idea what Donald Trump’s travel plans are, you will like to know.”

Then she added, “I hope and expect his immediate itinerary is to leave the White House, but beyond that, I don’t know.”

Finally, Sturgeon warned Trump that if he came, he might be breaking the law: “We are not allowing people to come to Scotland now without a vital purpose that would apply to him as much as anyone else. Playing golf is not what I would consider an essential purpose. “

There has been speculation that Donald Trump will literally leave the US before Joe Biden takes office. If Trump decides to flee the country, Scotland would be the logical choice. Trump has a golf course there and can literally hide on the other side of the world to avoid the reality that he is the first incumbent president in nearly thirty years to lose his re-election bid.

If Trump ignores warnings not to come to Scotland, will the Scottish government deny him entry to their country? Technically, if Trump arrived in Scotland on the 19th, he would still be president and taxpayers would pay for his trip.

Would Scotland refuse entry to its country for the world’s largest COVID superspreader as Trump poses a public health threat? It is possible, which is why the First Minister Trump precautionary warned to stay away.

Scotland wants nothing to do with Donald Trump.

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