Efforts by Republicans in Congress to overthrow the elections proceed: Stay Protection No. three

Josh Hawley, ambitious weasel

When a Trumpist mob stormed the Capitol, despite some Congressional Republicans attempting to dismiss the results of elections in multiple states within the Capitol, some had hoped enough of those Republicans would back away and allow the polls to be completed quickly. That should be a routine task. But Senate Republicans with the ambitions of the President of 2024, like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, sought to win Trump’s grassroots favor after Donald spent the past two months convincing his constituents that the elections had been stolen , and intended to drag them out.

After hours of bans and dangers, this is Hawley’s concession: he will still object to the Pennsylvania vote count. But then he’ll shut up and give in to his time – every five minutes. Other members of Congress can bark to their hearts’ content or for at least five minutes. So this will still be a long night over a long, traumatic day.

Thursday, January 7th, 2021 04:21:22 AM + 00:00 AM

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Mark Sumner

In other words, Hawley said it was so important to object to Arizona’s votes that it was worth debating, but he did not mention Arizona when it was his turn to speak. And then Hawley found it so important to talk about Pennsylvania that he was forcing the House and Senate to hold another round of discussion. But he won’t even bother to say anything.

Stunt voting in its simplest form.

Thursday, January 7, 2021 04:53:53 + 00:00

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Mark Sumner

Georgia received an appeal from the House that apparently came only from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. But now that Kelly Loeffler has lost interest in playing – probably because her political career, as it was, goes beyond the events of the day – no other senator has signed up.

So Trump lost Georgia. Once again.

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