Activists collect for the writer to place cash the place its mouth is and to close down Josh Hawley’s huge e book commerce

Amid the utterly chilling armed uprising on Wednesday in the US Capitol, Democrats and progressives are calling for the resignation of far-right Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley. And if not, be expelled from office. Why? Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. In this case, in an image that has since gone viral, Hawley appears to be raising a fist of solidarity with the crowd of Trump supporters before they get upset. We also know that Hawley, along with a number of other Republican makers, wanted to turn the 2020 presidential election results on their head and that he positively adores Donald Trump. Media newsrooms and elected officials have indicated that Hawley has essentially “blood on his hands” and urged him to resign.

As reported by the New York Times, people are also calling on Simon & Schuester to take a stand. What does a book publisher have to do with it? Well, Hawley has a book deal with the top publisher slated for release in June 2021. What’s the title? Oh, you know, just the tyranny of big tech. The wording “tyranny” is especially mind-boggling given recent events, but regardless of the subject, these are the last people to receive book offers. In fact, this sentiment applies to the entire outgoing Trump administration. Let’s take a look at what the conversation looks like on social media below.

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