Former Trump AG Invoice Barr condemns Trump, cupboard member resigns over Capitol protest

Former Attorney General William Barr, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and other members of the Trump administration have condemned the president and resigned over the events that took place at the Capitol yesterday.

Barr, who disagreed with Trump about the extent of the electoral fraud, described Trump’s statements and actions as “betrayal of his office and his supporters”.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned shortly after the rally on Thursday, saying she was “deeply concerned” by the actions of Trump supporters.

William Barr, Trump’s former attorney general, accused the president of “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress” and described his behavior as “betraying his office” in response to the pro-Trump riots that broke out on Wednesday took place in the US Capitol.

– CNN (@CNN) January 7, 2021

Barr had been viewed as a bitter loyalist to Trump until he disagreed with the president about the existence of election fraud.

Other Trump administration officials filing resignations include Stephanie Grisham, Chief of Staff to First Lady Melania Trump, and Mick Mulvaney, former acting Chief of Staff and now U.S. Special Envoy for Northern Ireland.

It was the honor of a lifetime serving the US Department of Transportation.

– Sec. Elaine Chao (@SecElaineChao) January 7, 2021

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Barr and Chao condemn violence

Barr and Chao both strongly condemned the actions of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, violating security and causing damage.

The gathering had been billed as a rally, a gathering for Trump supporters to express their outrage over what many of them believed was a stolen 2020 presidential election.

The Senate began the process of officially confirming the 2020 presidential election, with former Vice President Joe Biden victorious, yesterday when the entire building was evacuated because protesters had breached security and entered the Senate Chamber.

Announcing her resignation, Chao said: “Yesterday, our country had a traumatic and totally avoidable event when supporters of the president stormed the Capitol building after a rally he had spoken of.”

According to CNBC, Barr stated, “Trump was responsible for orchestrating a mob to put pressure on Congress.” He called the President’s actions “inexcusable”.

In another report by Politico, Barr called the outbreak of violence “outrageous and despicable” and “Federal agencies should act immediately to disperse it”.

“Orchestrating a mob to put pressure on Congress is inexcusable.” Former Attorney General William Barr said President Trump betrayed his position by encouraging a crowd of supporters to intimidate lawmakers into overturning election results

– The New York Times (@nytimes) January 7, 2021

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25. Change?

Given yesterday’s violence and condemnation by Barr and Chao, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for the 25th amendment to be cited.

She stated earlier today that Congress would consider a second impeachment if the Vice President and Cabinet did not.

Several members of Congress, including Republicans, have also joined the call for the president to be recalled immediately.

Illinois representative Adam Kinzinger said Trump was “bound not only by his duty or even his oath, but also by reality itself.”

He urged Vice President Mike Pence and the remaining cabinet to “end this nightmare”.

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