Trump’s second impeachment will start on Monday

When asked about the efforts at a press conference on Friday, Biden said he had long thought Trump was not fit for office and that was a primary reason for his run. He added, “Congress decides that they choose. … So we will do our job and Congress can decide how to proceed with yours.” Pressing again what he would advise congressional leaders, Biden said, “I would tell them this is a decision for Congress. I will focus on my work.” How it should be.

This is a decision for Congress, and it is critical that they move on. Not just to make sure that Trump never holds office again. Not just to make sure no Republican president ever tries again in the future. Not just to hold all Republicans in Congress who participated in this riot accountable and to force them to stand up to the American people and vote.

To make the country healthy again. Restore the rule of law. Thank you to all responsible Democratic members of Congress.

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