At the least one of many Zip Tie Guys has been recognized, and he needs you to know he is an excellent man

John Scott-Railton is a senior researcher at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab and quickly identified Brock after the image enhancement software revealed the flair of his outfit. There was the Texas Flag Patch and, even more helpful, the 706th Fighter Wing’s yellow lily. Scott-Railton wasn’t the only person in what he calls the “digital accountability ecosystem” to track down Brock: Michael Sheldon of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab also identified the 53-year-old father of three living in a wealthy Part of the Dallas metropolitan area.

Brock’s friends and family tell Farrow that his military service is a large part of his self-definition and that they have almost washed his hands in the past few years, months, weeks as he has become radicalized and “extreme” and engaged in “weird talking.” ” His Trump support is fervent and his racism has been shown. “Both family members said that Brock made racist remarks in their presence and that they believed that white-supremacist views might have contributed to his motivations,” writes Farrow – before realizing that Brock is not denying that he is one of the men that Twitter calls. Zip Tie Guy ”but he’s not racist.

The real sucker? Brock’s explanation of the photos and videos of him from the riot, showing him both on the floor of the house and in the office of House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.

(Brock) reiterated Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud, saying that he mainly derived his understanding of the matter from social media. He told me that he went to Washington DC to demonstrate peacefully. “The president asked his supporters to be there and I thought it was important to really be there because I love this country so much,” he said. Brock added that he did not identify as part of any organized group, claiming that despite the destruction scenes that day, he had not seen any violence. When he got to the Capitol, he said he was welcome to enter the building.

Brock denied entering Pelosi’s suite of offices, saying he “paused five to ten feet from the sign” bearing her title, which insurgents later tore down and swung. In the ITV video, however, he appears to be coming out of the suite. Brock said he wore tactical gear because “I didn’t want to be stabbed or injured,” citing “BLM and Antifa” as potential attackers. He claimed to have found the zippered handcuffs on the floor. “I wish I hadn’t picked it up,” he told me. “My thought process there was that if I saw one I would pick it up and give it to an officer. . . . I didn’t do that because I put it in my coat and honestly forgot about it. “

Well gee. That’s done. I’m sure the FBI will believe him.

The full Farrow piece is well worth a read.

Meanwhile, Twitter perks and experts are focusing on a second Zip Tie Guy (there were at least three).

This “professionally trained insurgent” was also photographed outside the Capitol complex – with a woman old enough to be his mother. Late on Friday night, Twitter experts thought they might have found footage of him in two livestreams in the hotel lobby that were filmed on Wednesday night – including with his mother. Zip Tie Mamas Boy even gave a detailed interview in a live stream.

At this point in time it is unclear whether the tracing grades are correct. Unlike Brock or Podium Guy (who was arrested Saturday) or so many other outrageous terrorists who did nothing to hide their identities when they stormed the Capitol, Zip Tie Mama’s boy’s identity was thoroughly masked while he was Committed his federal crimes – even if his mother wasn’t.

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