Friday Evening Owls: Rep. Jamaal Bowman requires fee to cope with Capitol Police

Capitol Police came under scrutiny after a violent pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol to prevent Congress from confirming the election of President-elect Joe Biden. In spite of repeated assurances According to lawmakers, the Capitol insurgents were adequately prepared to control the crowd. The insurgents broke through barricades with firearms, lead pipes and chemical irritants. infiltrated the chamber of the house; and searched the office of Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Five died in the violence, including a member of the Capitol Police. Only 14 arrests were made by the Capitol Police.

Progressive activists were quick to join Note discrepancies the way the Capitol Police had arrested and used violence against demonstrators in previous largely peaceful demonstrations. On social media, comparisons of the strong military and police presence outside the Capitol during the racial justice riot last summer and the relatively meager local presence on Wednesday sparked outrage. “Nobody can tell me that if a group of Black Lives Matter protested yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently from the crowd of thugs who stormed the Capitol,” Biden said on a video Thursday. […]




“If we define an American fascist as one who puts money and power before the people in the event of a conflict, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.”
~~ Henry A Wallace, “Wallace Defines American Fascism,” April 9, 1944



Can we agree that people who are banned from Twitter should also be banned from possessing the nuclear codes?

– Grace Meng (@ Grace4NY) January 9, 2021


At Daily Kos that day in 2006– To save this government:

I have to save this government if possible. Of course, what I can’t do, I won’t do; but it can just as well be understood once and for all that if an available card is not played, I will not give up this game. ~~ Abraham Lincoln

When Lincoln said this, it was a civil war that threatened to divide our country. Today there is no war between citizen and citizen, but between citizen and government. Why? Because the Bush administration attacked the interests of the American people, wasted their wealth and let so many die in war. Today’s gap is not between North and South, but between the people and their government. This government has proven in recent years that it was created by and for the powerful, not the citizens of this United States.

There are times when some form of governance becomes toxic, when the members of the public trust appear not as officials but as selfish politicians. We live in such a time.

Congress no longer belongs to ordinary Americans; it belongs to the lobbyist who can write the largest check. The Presidency is no longer leading, it is leading astray. And the judiciary (especially the Supreme Court) will be the most hideous, extreme, and un-American element of our society.

Democrats can either turn this government over to a party that wants to destroy it, or we can take Lincoln’s advice and play our available cards. For those who say filibusters – Justice, Patriot Act, etc – are too politically costly, I say that the filibuster’s failure admits that this nation is not worth fighting for. Rather than fear that we’re being labeled “obstructionists,” I say, we filibuster Alito, filibuster the Patriot Act, filibuster over and over until this crazy government screeches to a halt. Enough is enough. The list of scandals is only overshadowed by the list of names of the 2,190 whose deaths have not yet been recognized by this government

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