“Beloved” terrorists are thrown below the Trump bus and at the moment are earnestly in search of mercy

But otherwise it was fun and funny, wasn’t it? These pictures show the terrorists all having fun. It was all good, they told themselves, because Trump was literally telling them while they were violently wreaking havoc that he “loves” them and that they are “special”! Of course, he also told them he would march with them to the Capitol immediately after telling them to go there and cause problems for “weak” Republicans. Trump is not good at keeping his word. He didn’t go with them – he got out of evasion. And 24 hours later, Trump made a 180: the same crowd he called for an uproar that he praised as a patriot? He now says they “must be made to pay”. Damn. No excuse, right?

Her cult leader turned her on only to save his own skin. (Too late.) Let’s face it: the President tried to carry out a coup. He resisted sending troops to quell his own mob. He knows the mountain of corruption and sexual assault charges that await him at noon on January 20th, if not earlier. The January 6 events were Trump’s final effort. It failed so he cut off his MAGA idiots.

Now these idiots are realizing that they won’t be faced with simply breaking and filing charges. Instead, they could be charged with serious federal crimes such as:

Seditious conspiracy
Damage to federal property
Use of explosives
Crossing state lines to commit crimes
Rebellion and insurrection

Double crap. Any thoughts on “Maybe you can’t find me?” are immediately followed by: “Oh, wait. I posted everything on Parler. Damn.”

At the moment, the live streaming insurgents are already losing their jobs. A shipload of them. But that is nothing compared to what is coming. With 20 years in prison or worse, that tell-tale and celebratory fun suddenly doesn’t seem that fun anymore. Especially for those who participated and still have a lot to lose.


Full statement from Trump’s supporter and CEO in the suburb’s northwest, who says he deeply regrets stepping into the U.S. Capitol during Wednesday’s violent uprising against Trump.

– Dan Mihalopoulos (@dmihalopoulos) January 8, 2021

In other words, “My bad.”

I suspect the CEO – whose name is Brad Rukstales – is hoping to get a mulligan for his role in the failed coup, much like Lindsey would like to offer Graham Trump. But no dice. A new government is coming in a few days, and the guy insurgents like Rukstales were willing to throw away their lives just called them “criminals.”

The guy who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office and left her with a note that said, “Nancy, Bigo was here, you bitch!” Wrote? Well, it turned out that he was innocent in all of this. He was just looking for the bathroom.

“I haven’t done anything. I didn’t break the doors. I was pushed in. I didn’t want to be there. Hell. I went around looking for a bathroom.

We protested peacefully and we did. You started with it. Our own police have started it. “

Even people who did not enter the Capitol and face charges are now trying to apologize because it turns out that helping the attempted overthrow of the government is bad for business. Donald Rouse, Sr. is co-owner a grocery chain on the Gulf Coast and after being identified in the crowd, apologized and started the current boycott of its stores.

“I am appalled by the violence and destruction we saw yesterday and the pain it caused so many. Our country urgently needs to come together to heal and I will do everything I can to be part of that process. “

Whoopsie Daisies, Donald!

Rouse is retired but would probably still find it easier to find work than people who worked for Trump.

Expect many more people who stormed the Capitol to suddenly say they were “pushed in” or were just looking for the bathroom and that they are very sorry for participating in this whole violent coup attempt.

The FBI is trying to identify insurgents. If you have information, go to

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