Saturday Night time Owls: Black cops discuss their day combating “racist ass terrorists” within the Capitol

The officer even described how he faced police officers from all over the country in the crowd. He said some of them flashed the badges, told him to let them through, and tried to explain that this was all part of a movement designed to help.

“You have the nerve to hold a blue flag of life matter and you’re out there fucking us,” he told a group of protesters he met at the Capitol. “[One guy] He pulled out his badge and said, “We’ll do this for you.” Another man had his badge. So I thought, “Well, you must be kidding.” […]

In the seven years since Black Lives Matter became a rally call, the image of a white cop deciding how and when to enforce law and order has become ubiquitous. On Wednesday, the Americans saw something different as the black officers tried to do the same thing when they tried to protect the heart of American democracy. And instead of being honored by the supporters of a man who likes to call himself the law and order president, the officers of the Black Capitol were attacked.

“I was called a nigger 15 times today,” the veteran officer shouted to no one in particular in the rotunda. “Trump did that and we have all these damn people in our department who voted for him. How the hell can you support him? “

“I cried for about 15 minutes and just let it out.”


American grotesque, by John Jeremiah Sullivan. Mad obstetricians and Glenn Beck adore tea parties, proud racists, and armed anti-government loons – they’re all here and all mad at something. John Jeremiah Sullivan goes deep into the bowels of the great American rage machine in his patriotic search for common ground with his compatriots.

The day the great apes died, by Sandy Hingston. 25 years ago, the tragedy in the building of the world of primates broke the heart of the city and raised a troubled question: What exactly do we owe the animals in our care?

Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence, cheered the rally that turned into the Capitol uprising. by Mark Joseph Stern. “God bless everyone who stands up or prays!”



“Are you a communist?”
“No, I am an anti-fascist”
“For a long time?”
“Ever since I understood fascism.”
~~ Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)



This President is a clear and present threat to our country. While I have taken other remedial action for his criminal behavior, impeachment is the tool before us and justified for his seditious acts.

I will vote yes to impeachment if it is brought to the floor of the house. (1/4)

– Member of Parliament Kurt Schrader (@RepSchrader) January 10, 2021


At Daily Kos that day in 2004– Bush sweats “in” books:

The Bush White House is nervous about two upcoming books from former insiders. Ex-Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill attacked the President for lack of interest in policy in a book by journalist Ron Suskind, which was published with great enthusiasm this weekend in CBS ‘”60 Minutes”.

One Bush insider dares, however, that nobody really cares what a former Treasury Secretary says. But a book later published by Richard Clarke, the top terrorist in the White House under President Clinton and President Bush, is a different matter. It is known that Clarke believed that the Bush administration largely ignored the threat of terrorism and Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11, even after Al-Qaeda assumed responsibility for the bombing of the USS Cole in June 2001 , in which 17 American soldiers were killed.

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