Home has the votes to re-indict Trump

Rep. David Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island who took the lead in the signing of the impeachment decision, told Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, “The whole reason for this development is that this person is in white every minute Home remains a clear and present threat to our democracy. […] Most House Democrats believe that it should be removed as soon as possible. “He argued against Rep. James Clyburn’s suggestion that the House wait for President-elect Joe Biden’s first 100 days to complete before referring the resolution to the Senate.

“This is an attack the likes of which we have never seen on the foundations of our democracy,” Cicilline told Sargent. “The American people saw this in real time, and the graphics were so powerful that I think there is growing pressure on Republicans to do something.” He is supported by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Rep. Adam Schiff, who told CBS News, “If we indict him this week […] It should be forwarded to the Senate immediately and we should look into the case as soon as possible. […] Mitch McConnell has shown that when it comes to blocking Supreme Court justices through Congress, he can act with great speed if he wants. “

That argues that there is a way to put pressure on Senate Majority Leader McConnell, which is not impossible, but unlikely. The only public comment McConnell made after Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol – his own institution – and Trump’s instigation of the insurrection, is a memo sent to the Senate Republicans on Friday stating that the Senate was the earliest on January 19, one day before the inauguration. That is actually not true, as Schiff says. If McConnell wanted to bring the Senate back, he could.

With the FBI warning of more domestic terrorism and violence for the next week, and during the scheduled January 17 rallies in DC and state capitals, there could be an awakening among Senate Republicans that they must do something. It’s not a safe bet, but three Senate Republicans – Pat Toomey, Lisa Murkowski and Ben Sasse – have said Trump has to go. Toomey and Sasse say they would consider impeachment trials but aren’t sure there is enough time and Murkowski wants him to step down.

There is another call among House Democrats on Monday that could speed up Pelosi’s schedule. The momentum to act is growing minute by minute, at least among the members of the House.

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