Democratic Congressmen are investigating excursions performed previous to the Jan. 6 riot

The letter also notes that the January 5 tours were so unusual that they were reported to the then Arms Sergeant, and that these groups “could only have been given access to the Capitol complex by a member of Congress or one of their staff.”

The letter asks a number of questions about the Capitol logs, including whether or not they are stored in a database, and whether security guards are enforcing rules that require members to log into groups of guests. In particular, the letter also asks for video protocols. There are clearly surveillance cameras in parts of the building. If members of Congress or their staff took some of those who carried out the insurrection the following day through areas of the Capitol that are not normally accessible to visitors, those visits may well be recorded.

Which leads to the last of the eight questions in the letter:

“Will people registered in the Capitol Complex on January 5th be examined for their role in the uprising the next day?”

Also on the list of signatories is Pramila Jayapal, who tested positive for COVID-19 this week after she was forced to seek refuge with Republicans who refused to wear masks.

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