Tuesday Evening Owls: Executives severe in regards to the local weather disaster will face steroids

There is a heavy strain of white nationalism and neo-Nazism that weathered Wednesday’s uprising, and it is easy to imagine what will happen when flames or storms hit places that are predominantly black, brown, or native. In fact, we don’t even have to imagine that. We saw it on the gunman who turned up at a Walmart to kill immigrants he did falsely accused to pollute the environment. And we saw it in the white vigilante violence in the vacuum after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We’ve seen it so many times that it even has a name: eco-fascism.

After Wednesday, at a time of increasing climate instability, the limits of permissible violence widened to a distorting degree. White supremacists, neo-Nazis and other extremists literally took over the halls of power and got away with it. If climate change turns communities with far fewer defenses on their heads – communities that hate groups who are already scapegoats – the results will be disastrous.

It has never been more clear that a large segment of the nation’s leading Republican politicians will do so hug and even refuel this extremism and hatred. The Venn diagram of people driving electoral refusal and climate refusal overlap almost perfectly, but even if these numbers deny the climate crisis, they will try to exploit it. Ultimately, their goal is to use easily refutable lies to build and consolidate power.

Resolving such chaos must imperatively be part of the process of combating climate change. Accountability for those who instigated extremists is a good start. […]





If Congress REALLY wanted to kickstart the economy, they could just take the bodycam footage from MAGAmuffins arrested at airports and sell it on pay-per-view with Snoop Dog narration.

I would pay $ 49.99 for that

– michaelharriot (@michaelharriot) January 12, 2021


“A nation can outlive its fools and even the ambitious. But treason cannot survive from within. An enemy at the gates is less impressive because he is well known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves freely between those in the gate, his cunning whisper rushing through all the alleys that can be heard in the government halls themselves. ” ~~Marcus Tullius Cicero, Speeches, The fourteen speeches against Mark Antony (63 BC)


That day at Daily Kos in 2007– The Uniter Divides: Bush Plan Breaks the DLC:

Well the ratings are in. Bush’s 11% doctrine speech was one bomb IED.

Now is the time for politicians of all kinds to distance themselves from his idiotic “plan”. Of course, this surge was well underway even before the teleprompter was hooked up, and Democratic presidential candidates were among the first to find their way to the microphones.

I would summarize them for you, but that’s not really what this post is about. This post is about the few “Democrats” who have not distanced themselves. Of course, no Democratic presidential candidate was that stupid. And no, I’m not even talking about Lieberman.

I’m talking about the DLC wins.

in the yesterday LA TimesWill Marshall stinked the joint on behalf of the DLC from its place in the Progressive Policy Institute, the DLC’s think tank:

“Conventional wisdom has it that presidential candidates who want to be responsible for it will get hurt with the angry, passionate activist left,” said Will Marshall, president of the Progressive Policy Institute, a centrist democratic think tank. “But the left activist is out of sync with the American public. The Americans don’t want to admit that this is a total debacle.”

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