CNN’s Jake Tapper: GOP wants political exorcists, Republicans have clearly gone mad

After Parliament voted against President Donald Trump for the second time on Wednesday, CNN host Jake Tapper said Republicans “deny the fact that he instigated this uprising” and that the GOP needs a political “exorcism”.

Commenting on the impeachment, Tapper said, “It is the most bipartisan impeachment in American history, far exceeding the number of people in the opposing party who voted for the charges against Clinton or Johnson. So I think it’s important. “

Tapper has been very open about his views lately.

A week ago MAGA terrorists, instigated by Trump, his son, his lawyer, and months of lies from far too many people in the GOP and the media, tried to stop the constitutional process by staging a terrorist attack on the Capitol. 5 were killed. You are now trying to change the subject.

– Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) January 14, 2021

Tapper Beats Up Republicans Who “Believe All His Lies”

“On the flip side, it’s still a large minority of the House’s Republican caucus, most of whom are still dedicated to President Trump,” Tapper continued.

Tapper added, “Most of them deny that he instigated this riot, this terrorist attack on the Capitol that is putting their own lives at risk, which in and of itself is breathtaking.”

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He continued, “You know, I know a number of people, and I know there are many Americans who have seen, be friends with, married to, or related to people who are the Trump Kool- Have been drinking help Let yourself be radicalized by this president who believes all his lies despite the evidence before your eyes. “

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Then Tapper told CNN chief correspondent Dana Bash that the Republicans were going crazy.

“Dana, it’s just – it’s a shocking thing to know people like that. And it’s also shocking that I don’t know anything about you, but there are Republican Congressmen who have clearly lost their minds and who just won’t accept the reality regarding the facts about Donald Trump. “

Jake Tapper says the GOP needs a “political exorcist” to get the crazy demon out.

– Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) Jan. 13, 2021

Bash replied, “We have seen people like Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell trying to show the people who respect them where to go and lead them there.”

It’s interesting to see who thinks CNN is the “good” Republicans – incumbent neoconservatives Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell.

“Then there are so many others who follow the pack,” said Bash. “Even if the pack goes in the wrong direction. The pack follows the lies. “

Tapper cut in: “Like Kevin McCarthy.”

Tapper continued, “Marjorie Taylor Greene, the crazy Georgia Congresswoman who is anti-Semitic and supports QAnon, said a plane did not hit the Pentagon on September 11th. She actually tweeted a week after the terrorist attack. that democrats are the enemy of the people. “

🔥Republicans need “a political exorcist”. – Jake Tapper

– Nurse Robert LB (@HeyNurse_lb) January 13, 2021

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Tapper: GOP needs ‘political exorcists’

Then Tapper said that maybe an “exorcist” would have to intervene.

“I don’t know if there is such a job as a political exorcist, but you have to do something to fix the Republican Party and get that demon out,” said Tapper.

It is doubtful that Republican voters will heed CNN’s advice on whom to support in the future.

It’s also interesting to note that anti-Trump journalists haven’t figured out that the more they hysterically demonize Donald Trump, the more Republicans will support him.

Conservatives see the media treating various Republicans as a test. For example, if CNN loves Liz Cheney, she probably isn’t someone conservatives can trust to fight for their interests.

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