Jake Sherman: Mitch McConnell and Allies “Take into account Impeachment Significantly”

Jake Sherman has been one of Washington DC’s top scoop-getters for years. He recently leased Politico and has now started Punchbowl News with John Bresnahan and Anna Palmer.

Few know more about DC thinking than Sherman. So it was noteworthy that he recently told Mediate that Mitch McConnell and his Senate allies are “seriously considering impeachment.”

Sherman made the comments during an appearance on the Interview Podcast. He said to host Aidan McLaughlin: “It is very clear that if you put Republicans on truth serum, they would tell you that they are angry and that they wish that Trump would go away forever. “

He then joined Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who said he made no decision to condemn Trump. “That’s a huge statement from McConnell. He is obviously seriously considering the belief. If he goes, then a lot of people could go. John Cornyn, John Thune, a number of his allies. Trump is powerless now. “

Sherman continued with Trump:

“The best way to think about it is the deal the Republicans made with Donald Trump for many years. We will put up with nonsense because we make good politics and judges and good foreign policy out of it. This transaction ran dry. This transaction no longer exists because he is out of office. At the moment they are trying in many ways to move on to a new party. And people like Liz Cheney made the calculation that this new party will be better without Trump. I think there’s probably a middle ground here that Kevin McCarthy hits, that is, that’s pretty bad, but we’re not going to indict him for not being right right now. “

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