Reindeer Auto declares Turner Daugherty Worker of the Yr

The Auto Relocation Software Developer is Employee of the Year 2020.

Reindeer Auto Relocation recently held its annual awards ceremony. The award for Employee of the Year went to Turner Daugherty, Senior Software Developer for national, international and freight moving services.

Daugherty joined Reindeer Auto in March 2018 and quickly became a permanent fixture on the Reindeer Auto team. The numerous inquiries from upper management were taken into account. The Indiana native graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

“He’s always behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly so we can all get our jobs done,” says Andy Hadley, Sales Director at Reindeer Auto. “We appreciate his dedication. His dedication and hard work this year have certainly contributed to our continued success.”

Daugherty is responsible for building, installing, and maintaining business systems for Reindeer Auto. He develops and maintains the online booking of Reindeer Auto. Car transportation quote Tool and follow-up systems to ensure that communication between Reindeer Auto and its customers runs smoothly.

Reindeer Auto’s Employee of the Year award is the highest honor given each year. It recognizes an employee who not only feels committed to his work, but goes beyond his duties. Daugherty was chosen because of his positive attitude and exemplary work ethic to effectively handle his job in the rapidly changing workflow. He works well both individually and as a team member and contributes to the success of Reindeer Auto in 2020.

Reindeer Auto Relocation is an industry leader in domestic, international and freight relocation services. The logistics support team uses technology and training to plan and execute efficient transport of vehicles or cargo of any kind from one location to another.

Reindeer Auto is headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana. Your extensive network is licensed, bound, and insured. The logistics team has the necessary experience to oversee the details of planning unique moves. Moving services are provided by air, rail or water freight. For more information about Reindeer Auto or to contact us, visit

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