Rep. Brian Mast is a shrewd, disgusting liar, however we will nonetheless reply his query

During the impeachment vote, Mast was one of many House Republicans who tried to break the thin line of claiming indignation over last week’s armed uprising against Congress while still insisting that Donald Trump’s role be in the Inciting attempted murders was not incontestable for reasons. The argument was insincere, based on lies, and about what you would expect from one of the traitors who plunged himself into violence with joke claims about nonexistent election errors.

In fact, Mast was one of those lawmakers to question the January 6 vote count, just before a mob entered the building to catch or murder those who would not join the same Trump-sponsored false claims. There is a direct line between Mast’s lies and multiple deaths, as well as between Mast’s lies and the now-broken chain of “peaceful transfer of power” that went from the Civil War to the election of Brian Mast to Congress. He is a rebel and was before the violence started.

One of the pillars of Mast was that the armed uprising could not be transferred to Trump because there was no evidence that Trump was doing what everyone in the nation saw of him: “Became one of those people who did violence to this Capitol brought here? ” to answer if you did that about our President? “He said this very smugly, like some stupid person who believed he was the first in history to notice that the sun and moon were about the same size, and waited for an answer that he knew wasn’t coming would because speaking on the floor of Congress generally does not follow a call-and-response format.

Let’s go sports. Video of insurgents claiming to have been “invited” into the building by Donald Trump.


Florida representative Brian Mast does what seems dramatic to him: silence after asking if rioters said they acted before the president.


– Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) January 13, 2021

We finished here? Yes, probably.

There will be no widespread eviction of the Seditionists and traitors responsible for these deaths, as the Republican caucus of the house is a collection of criminals who intend to immunize themselves against insurrection – they will like the non-Seditionists like (shudder ) Purge Liz Cheney and elevate the vocal supporters of the party’s anti-democratic lies to ever higher positions. That’s a shame, but it doesn’t rid them of the proven false claims that have led to killings and now law enforcement warnings of a new possible era of conservatively fueled terrorism. They are still the leaders of the insurrection, and it is up to all of us to treat them with appropriate disdain and disgust for the rest of their lives.

Rep. Brian Mast, your jokes and lies resulted in an attempt to strain the lives of your co-workers. You are a traitor to your nation. And you are in overcrowded company.

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