Friday Evening Owls: GOP makes use of Trump’s false election claims as cowl for brand spanking new voter suppression legal guidelines

HR 1 contains the extensive voting rights reform legislation introduced by the late iconic MP John Lewis in 2012. HR 1 is ready to go to a House vote now. (HR 4 will take more time in Congress due to the need to create a record of evidence to overcome the Shelby County’s Supreme Court decision.)

HR 1 hearings were held at the last Congress and the legislation passed with 234–193 votes. HR 1 in this Congress is basically the same bill as last Congress, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made HR 1 a top priority for quick action in 2021.

Congress must move HR 1 quickly if its provisions, which ensure that everyone can vote and protect the integrity of our electoral process, are to apply to the 2022 elections.





“If this chamber had been violated, America would be in a completely different place. There would have been a political massacre by fascists – and Trump would likely declare war on a stunned nation and take power for good. “Https://

– ❤️ (@umairh) January 15, 2021


“There is something deeply hypocritical about a society where an eight-year-old downtown kid is” accountable “for their performance on a standardized high-stakes test, but our government officials are not blamed for doing it have stolen what they are have given their own children six or seven years ago. “
~~ Jonathan Kozol, The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of the Apartheid School in America (2005)


That day at Daily Kos in 2004– Do you feel safer now?

As David Neiwert emphasizes at OrcinusWe have found more weapons of mass destruction in the hands of local terrorists than we did in Iraq, but our government’s efforts to stop another Oklahoma City are arbitrary at best:

So far, it has been largely speculated that domestic terrorism is not an integral part of this administration’s “war on terror”. In dealing with the case of the cyanide bomb in Texas, however, it becomes particularly clear that this is precisely the case …

But what is really problematic is the kind of information-gathering gap that this lack of communication actually represents. It certainly raises questions about how thoroughly and with what energy the current investigation is carried out. It is especially important to determine if there are more of these bombs, as several previous news reports have suggested. …

Remarkably, this is the second such case this year, and both were cracked due to blind luck. Another potential domestic terrorist attack was recently prevented because relatives and friends were concerned. One has to wonder how long we will be lucky.

While our government is in violation of international law and common sense in dealing with non-prisoners of war in Guantánamo, and spends tens of billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives in Iraq, its counter-terrorism activities at home are sometimes downright pathetic, to say the least.

Documents named Winchester [Virginia] One of 10 potential hangouts for suspected domestic terrorist conspirators was found a year ago, but most local law enforcement officials didn’t know about it until Thursday.

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