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Many commentators have asked when the United States will produce another diplomatic genius like Henry Kissinger or? Zbigniew Brzezinski. But Heather Hurlburt argues that the next formidable American statesman is clearly hiding: It is President-elect Joe Biden. No, he’s not a man with theoretical details, but he’s all about human connections – which is just as important in building a truly diplomatic world order.

Meanwhile, in an interview with FP editor Jonathan Tepperman, Fareed Zakaria offers his roadmap on how Biden can fulfill his promise to “rebuild better”.

A survey of foreign policy experts offers predictions for the next 50 years of US leadership.

Here are Foreign policys top weekend reads.

Biden in Washington on December 14, 2017.Erik Madigan Heck / Trunk Archive

1. In Joe Biden’s foreign policy world view

The president-elect has been actively involved in shaping US foreign policy for the past 50 years, but is rarely listed as one of the country’s great diplomatic figures. That’s because Biden is not an intellectual. But he prioritizes relationships over tasks – a skill needed now more than ever, writes Heather Hurlburt.

2. America and the World: How to Better Deconstruct

Foreign policy was founded after the Vietnam War, when the United States was embroiled in fiery debates about the future of its foreign policy. Fifty years later, a lot has changed. But as the country emerges from the Trump era, it faces a similar reflective moment as to what comes next. Fareed Zakaria shares his thoughts in a Q&A with Jonathan Tepperman from FP.

US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping arrive for a state dinner in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9, 2017. Thomas Peter-Pool / Getty Images

3. The next 50 years of foreign policy

As a publication, we have written extensively on foreign policy over the past half century. But what will the next 50 years look like? We asked numerous experts for their best guess as they come up with some predictions about the future of US leadership for your time capsule. (Spoiler: China is rising.)

4. The return of the containment

The Cold War containment strategy was perhaps the US’s most successful diplomatic venture to date. While it is not enough to protect the United States from the nascent clash with China, it still offers lessons that could be reused in our day and age, writes Deborah Welch Larson.

5. When US foreign policy went wrong

To say that the United States has made some bad foreign policy decisions in its history would be an understatement. The worst thing is that the country is giving up important institutions such as peacekeeping operations and the global health system, writes Charli Carpenter.

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