Proponents say Biden wants to finish Stephen Miller’s insurance policies and use the pandemic as an excuse to expel asylum seekers

In fact, in an explosive report last year, the Associated Press said that although a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Experts said there was no public health reason to implement such an order. Mike Pence and Stephen Miller teamed up to bypass the bullying agency’s pundits and director Robert Redfield and sign it anyway. “That was a Stephen Miller special,” a former Pence aide is quoted in the report. “He was all over it.”

As part of this “Stephen Miller Special”, the Trump administration quickly expelled almost 200,000 people from the United States, including thousands of children. Circumventing the immigration court system and US law to get them kicked out quickly. A federal judge Last November, that policy was blocked when it came to children coming to the US alone. However, federal immigration officials admitted that they had expelled a number of children in violation of this ordinance.

There are no reasons for this policy, and Biden should end it immediately as his government works to rebuild and improve the nation’s asylum system, proponents say.

“First and foremost, we urge President-elect Biden to commit to an immediate and complete reversal of the CDC Title 42 ordinance,” Human Rights Watch said in a recent letter, “especially given media coverage that his proclamation is not made public power.” health concerns, but political, while rational, evidence-based, non-discriminatory measures are taken to ensure public health without violating the right to asylum. “

“Joe Biden can and should reverse all of these policies, beginning with the closure of the Title 42 border … public health experts say the closure was not made on a public health basis,” said Karen Musalo, director of the center for gender and refugee studies, opposite Border Report. She said the US is absolutely able to process asylum seekers humanely and safely (tens of thousands of people walk back and forth in some ports of entry every day). “These experts say we can reopen the border to asylum seekers by properly checking for COVID, quarantining for two weeks if necessary, using masks properly and not making detention,” she said.

Another example of the Trump administration’s clear anti-asylum animus, CBS News reported in December that Rodney Scott, chief of border police, and William Ferrara, chief of the field operations bureau, admitted in court documents that their agents illegally expelled children from the U.S. following the November 34 federal judge’s ruling, Ferrara said in his statement he was a U.S. -Citizen who was finally allowed to enter the country after being deported, ”the report says.

“Instead of resorting to the inhumane detention policy, which is particularly dangerous during the time of COVID, asylum seekers should be released to family and friends while they pursue their claims,” ​​Musalo continued with Border Report. “It is well documented that the vast majority of asylum seekers, when provided with legal and support services, show up for their scheduled hearings. The cost of these alternatives to incarceration is a fraction of the cost of incarceration. “

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