Rose McGowan Beats Trump’s impeachment as “cult propaganda … mass diversion” – elites ignore “nation’s famine, illness and poverty”

Actress Rose McGowan defies the liberal world of Hollywood to disrupt the left’s impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump.

McGowan pops impeachment efforts

“This impeachment is cult propaganda,” tweeted McGowan on Thursday. “A theater of crowd distraction. The US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be angry. And the hungry, sick and poor people of the country will continue to decline. “

“It’s good that the elites lead us!” added the former “Charmed” actress sarcastically.

This impeachment is cult propaganda. A theater of crowd diversion. The US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be angry. And the hungry, sick and poor people of the country will continue to decline. It’s good that the elites are leading us!

– Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) January 14, 2021

McGowan’s tweet is in stark contrast to the attitudes of much of Hollywood when it comes to impeachment, as many actors and actresses have celebrated the fact that the House has indicted Trump for the second time this week.

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McGowan doubles

McGowan didn’t stop there defending her tweet when it encountered backlash. When one person claimed to be removing Trump from office and being convicted of his alleged crimes, that would be a “step in the right direction,” McGowan replied, “Then I suggest that, in the interests of fairness, we include Obama for war crimes pursue Yemen, GW Bush for war crimes in Iraq / Afghanistan. “

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McGowan was later asked by another person what their solution would be.

“My overall solution is to keep working on deprogramming US cult members on both sides so they can clearly see what lies they have been told and get outraged,” wrote the former Scream star.

McGowan later stated that she grew up in a cult which is why she is so concerned about what is happening in our country today.

“I saw the power structure firsthand and later, when I was sent to the US where they kept saying they were free, I couldn’t help but notice that their nationalist power structure was identical to the cult, the we escaped, “she wrote. “The key to change is deprogramming.”

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McGowan calls out problems because she cares

In the end, McGowan said that when she sees them, she gets trouble because she cares.

“What I care about most is what the US does because its propaganda goes further than an atomic bomb,” she wrote. “But personally, my solution was to go.”

Fox News reported that McGowan has been dropping evidence in the past few months that she moved to Mexico.

This piece was written by James Samson on January 15th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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